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  1. I have no certainty, open the txt in Windows XT9.Samsung.B7610.Keyboard.English.kmap.txt make changes to the azerty and then copy it into your mobile. course keep a copy of the original.
  2. If you use PE Explorer and change the images 124 and 128 you can add custom images.
  3. excellent, very smooth @raikon Portuguese is
  4. know if it is not brand? although it is not a problem, I used the CSC dell'i8000 for sbrand of my 7610
  5. your great work. in the credits a bit of publicity for your work.
  6. I think six Russian, why not try the PUIE2 complete? you could also use the Russian language programs in the rom. there is a translator, im +, the fun club that is not a simple link to the samsung site but a kind appstore (which is the preview of the store samsung?) and the service LifeDiary. I have trouble with English let alone if I can test it in Russian http://firmware.sgh.ru/
  7. up only flie http://www.mediafire.com/?n250nizt30k
  8. using ZipGenius is free http://download.html.it/software/vedi/1541/zip-genius/
  9. new graphics black samsung extracted from the original Russian PUIE2. overwrite the files in your device \ windows or to be used in cooking http://www.mediafire.com/?n250nizt30k this is my rom
  10. Italian translation DX and kitchen XI ITA http://www.mediafire.com/?twj25uezmmz
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