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  1. I have a 3G connexion plan for my mobile. I want tu share my internet connexion in order to use it in my labtop. how to share my 3G connection from my samsung Omnia with my labtop using USB or Wifi? My regards
  2. Hi , I have an Omnia with the following ROM (Fr): PDA: i900XHHG6/XHHG6 Phone: i900XXHG5 How may I know the phone provenance? ALso, I download the AEHH2 ROM! comparing the two Roms, what are the key features of the AEHH2 ROM ?
  3. Is it possible to run Android on Samsung Omnia?
  4. Hi, My Omnia is from singapour. The Original ROM was DXHG2. I already updrage succesfully to DXHG4. I have bricked my Omnia since august when updating from DXHG4 to DXHH1. The red led didnot work and I have the monahans message when trying to connect to my PC. When I tried to use this solution (in this topic), i got incorrect version warning. According to Paul, we need to adjust the hex file. Which version should I use? Please to help with a step by step guide to full-execute the solution (including the hex file editing! shall I use Grandprix or the original updater? which one? etc..) My thanks in advance.
  5. Mine is from Singapour. My Original ROM was DXHG2. I'm in the same case: incorrect software
  6. I Need the DXHG2 ROM exe file. Please to link the download url path if you have it?
  7. I'm using the push mail function in my omnia with my GPRS connexion. My life battery is too low (less than one day). is there any setting that i need to use (best practices)?
  8. Is there any software to turn off / in the omnia at a specifics hours (programer)?
  9. some people used: press "3" + "*" and the GREEN button and made a hard reset can any body try it? my phone is back to the samsung service center!!
  10. Hi Paul, I did the upgrade, unfortunatly i got the "MONOHANS". I cannot access any more to my i900. The screen is black; I can no more charge the battery. Would you please help me?
  11. I did a firmware upgrade to my i900 omnia; as result the phone go black (black screen); no way to switch it on. Please help me to solve this issue. My thanks
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