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  1. Wing roms Hello. After seeing and using some of the very nice ROMs and themes by the members on this forum, i wanted to know if someone could clue me in onto how i can get making my own. I know my share of computers and can learn anything about them easily when i but myt mind to it. So, i was wondering if someone could help me out with getting me started. I would like to know the details of starting making my own custom(cooked) roms and themes(the owns that are installed via a .cab file). I know already its not going to be easy but you know what they say, "beauty is pain." So that translated to this situation, if i want my fone to be as good looking and sleek as i want it to, i gotta put in some work. Thanks in advance. Hardware Mods I was just wondering... are there any hardware mods for the wing? For example, for the psp you can hook up dual analog sticks to the curict board and use them in games. I wanted to know if theres any cool mods like that for the wing. Probably not but its worth the shot. Like, maybe a better camera, flash/spotlight, more/better speakers, etc... That would be pretty cool. espacially for ppl who like taking pictures and listening to music. If anyone have valuable information about this, as to what mods are available and/or where i can find them, please feel free to email me @: herbjr [at] t mail [dot] com

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