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  1. Had a look at those articles, gave PMRecorder a try and was amazed to find that it worked perfectly! It automatically records all my calls, records both sides of the conversation clearly and with PMRBackup takes them off my phone and puts them onto my PC. All for free. Thanks Menneisyys, no more changing phones before important calls.
  2. I thought that as well at one point, but I think that it is a misconception, after all most companies record the telephone calls made to them by their customers ("Your call may be recorded..." etc). It is certainly perfectly legal to record your telephone calls in the UK according to the Ofcom website. I believe that it is also legal in most US states. Legal or not most other phones have that ability. Maybe it is a Smartphone requirement not to be able to record calls, or maybe a HTC thing?
  3. Thanks Paul. I tried that one as well, but couldn't get it to record my calls automatically and for some reason couldn't make a call once I'd started recording with the meeting notes, or voice recorder options either. I don't understand why this functionality has been lacking in Smartphones, it's almost as if they are purposely designed not to record phone calls as the Voice Notes app stops recording when you make a call in every Smartphone that I have had. In most other phones, Siemens SL45 and even the Motorola Razr, you just press a button to record a phone call and have great recordings.
  4. Glad that they did a demo version, it doesn't work, at least not on my QTEK 8500 anyway. It doesn't automatically record calls and when I recorded them myself I could only hear my own voice! Half a conversation is about as useful as no conversation. I was really hoping that this would be the solution to the smartphone call recording problem as well. I am still using my Siemens SL45 to record my important calls, despite having a smartphone since 2003. I guess that won't be changing anytime some. Maybe the Linux phones will have this functionality.
  5. All three of the phones that I've had did the same. When you try and set the volume on the lowest setting, not only does it not sound any quieter but it gives you a lot of nasty feedback during calls. Like you I have to have it on the second to last setting, which seems to help with the feedback. Every other phone that I have had, the bottom setting (no volume) is basically mute. Whereas on this phone you can still hear it very clearly. I am no expert in these things but there is something definitely wrong with the volume on the phone and it isn't limited to just a few phones it seems to be them all. The way that Orange and HTC seem to be blatantly denying any problems appears to suggest that it is a hardware problem and therefore not something that they are going to fix. :evil: The only way that I am able to use the phone comfortably is to have the speaker above my ear, almost on my temple so as to lessen the damage to my ear drum!
  6. You were right first time, the plural of virus is viruses, there is no such word as virii. You'd think that Norton, McAfee and so on would include a PDA/Smartphone scanner with their anti-virus packages. They certainly used to as at one time I had one that would scan my winCE device but perhaps they realised that they could make more money by selling it separately.
  7. Did your new phone have the same problem? Received my third C550 today and it has the same problem, you can't have the phone near your ear when making calls. Seems to be a problem with all the C550's which means it isn't worth sending the phone back for a fourth time. I doubt that there will be a firmware update, Orange don't even seem to be acknowledging this as a problem. It's a great phone apart from this problem, it is just really annoying when trying to make calls on it.
  8. No, I think that the two best features of this phone are that you don't need to put the phone onto speaker phone to use it as a speaker phone and secondly that you don't need to explain to people around you the nature of a call, they all heard! :o This saves a lot of time with the old "so what did he say?" questions. Surprised they didn't advertise that feature.
  9. Glad that it isn't just me then, I was starting to wonder whether I just had sensitive ears! Looks like I will be sending this phone back as well then, no point having a phone that I can't really use to make calls, at least not comfortably. As hotphil says there is no point waiting around for a firmware update as with Orange/HTC track record that could take months, if ever. Hopefully this isn't an inherent fault with all the C550's as it's a pretty good phone apart from the call problems.
  10. Has anyone else had volume problems with the C550? This is the second one that I have had and both have been very LOUD during calls, even on the lowest setting. I have also had a feedback type noise occasionally when making calls on both the C550 handsets that I have had. Are these phones just very loud? I don't want to send another one back only to receive one with exactly the same problem. Thanks.
  11. Unfortunately it didn't work. The modem link just seems to use the GPRS connection, regardless of whether it is set up as pass-through or not. Everytime I disconnected GPRS the modem link died. I know that the pass-through connection was working OK as I could check my email. It's a shame as that would have saved me a lot of hassle and cable.
  12. You can't see the small G because of the two arrows from the modem connection, but I didn't think about disconnecting the GPRS! I'll give that a try and let you know.
  13. OK, so it is possible. You can use the phone as a USB modem on one PC, then connect it to another PC via bluetooth and ActiveSync and use the passthrough connection to surf the net. I tried it, connected and surfed but I suppose I'll have to wait until I get my bill to find out whether it was using the passthrough or the GPRS.
  14. Hi, this is probably a stupid question but I was just wondering if it is possible to use the SPV C550 as a GPRS Modem via the USB cable whilst also connecting it to another PC that has an Internet Connection via Bluetooth and using the pass-through connection? Basically using the phone as a wireless internet link? I have searched the forums but can't find an answer anywhere. It would really be useful if this is possible as I have a PC downstairs that doesn't have an internet connection, but a PC on Broadband upstairs. Thanks.
  15. I think it would be foolish of anyone to buy a phone and then six months later buy another one thinking that it will be vastly improved. The C550 is just an upgraded version of the C500. I don't think that the PS1 and PS2 comparison is fair considering they were released 3 years apart and the C500 and C550 just 6 or 8 months (or however long it was). A better comparison would be the Original SPV and the C550 which were released about 3 years apart. I recently upgraded from the Original SPV to the C550 and I can say that the improvement is huge., battery life is vastly improved (day 3 and still 56%, was lucky to make 2 days with old SPV), camera is much much better, it is faster, screen is a great improvement, Bluetooth, video recording, browsing is also greatly improved, you could spend an afternoon browsing one page on the Original SPV! But I won't be buying another phone in six months (or even a year) thinking that I will be getting a much better phone, it just doesn't work like that in any area. All the phones are expensive on Pay as you Go, which is perhaps why you should stick with your phones for longer.
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