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  1. Just_Chillin

    Android Market Wish List

    I would like to see gameboy and nintendo emulators that comes with audio and Adobe flash Player
  2. Just_Chillin

    Flash Player For the Android - G-1

    Hello Paul & All, I just saw a video on youtube where someone found a way to download and install Adobe Flash Player 10 to their T-Mobile G-1 How is this possible has anyone else done this or know any methods of doing so? i can be reached at [email protected] Thanks
  3. Just_Chillin

    T-Mobile Wing Sliding Sounds

    Anyone know how to change the slide sound on the Wing to a different .wav file? [email protected], thanx ;)
  4. Just_Chillin

    Mort Player Sux!

    ;) Mort Player is ok but I found another player (S2P) awesome! 10x Better than Morty :wacko: This video is also searchable on vTap, Myspace, and Youtube (Super Super T-Mobile Wing)
  5. Just_Chillin

    nes emulator

    check out my T-Mobile wing on youtube by clicking this link below, feel free to leave comments.
  6. Just_Chillin

    nes emulator

    when I downloaded duck hunt i could not shoot the ducks. but all my other games seem to work just fine
  7. Just_Chillin

    Is Scripting possible in Windows Mobile?

    Hello everyone no0B here but I'm not new at Scriptin. I've been scripting since MSN was in the chat business now i only use servers such as SPCN (sparkpea) or buzzen flash chat.... I'm not sure if it's possible to run IRC on your cell phone that would be a bit much check out my Wing just fast forward the video to the middle and watch because its a long video and the beginning is boring :-) http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseacti...7d-1840d93f2139
  8. Just_Chillin

    nes emulator

    Unforftunatelt, you will get no real help from reading these blogs.. you may get links or files to download but the rest is up to you.. findind working roms and emulators can be very tricky and time consuming (Trust me) I have over 20 games on my wing from back in the day check out my phone. I only showed like 4 games.. didnt want anyone to report me or to get jelous :-) Thanks MODACO check out my video and leave comments __________________________________________________________________ http://myspacetv.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=...ideoid=42026438 __________________________________________________________________
  9. http://myspacetv.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=...ideoid=42026438 SNES on my wing
  10. thanks guys.... i did the 6mb on my T-mobile wing and it rund exellent... a month ago when i had broke my LCD screen i tried the 4mb it was still gettin low memory messages. i called HTC mailed them my phone last week via Fedex. they reset it and i had to start from scratch. the not attatch said i had illegal software on my phone so i got back on this site and did a 6mb pagepool hack... thanks this is so great.. (now i just pray i dont break my screen anymore) expensive...
  11. you guys are amazing... thank for the posts (not much help but i managed) I think i am finally happy with my wing. its a SUPER WING now has everything.. i didnt have to delete tzones or my messenger to install my iphone theme thanx for the pagepool trick. now i have so much in here on top of SNES and Nintendo gameboy emulators which seem to work fine. The only trouble i had with that was trying to find working roms. Now i have bookmarked a page with tons of free roms and quess what? they all work. from mario to donkey kong.. lol but my fav.. lol (pokemon red, blue, yellow) look for my super wing on youtube soon.. its so cool
  12. Just_Chillin

    Emulator that plays .SMC files?

    im looking for one also
  13. ps...lol last post someone let me know how it works out when u change the pagepool beyond the 4mb like baybe the 8 or 12 on the wing 1:00AM
  14. :angry: I figured out what i had to do. i had to reinstall step 1. then it was hella-confusing tryin to follow pages 1 and 3 but eventually i got through it, got stuck at the editing part then figured it out. I'm just getting done. i didnt know how long it took to flash back. my cmd prompt froze i juse took a deep breath and did a hard-reset (turning it off for like 10 sec) i went straight into the memory after it loaded up with my iphone theme and everything else that i have installed the memory jumped up to 19MB wow... but for some reason it drops by it self slowly and settles between 17 and 18MB thanx this 3 day process is finally over thanks Paul and to everyone else who helped me :D now... goodnight its 12:55amtook me all nite :D (and three days_

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