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  1. Thank you for ur reply, Well not even the flash updater .exe program will recognize it!! ;) and i already tried to hard reset it by holding those 3 buttons but nothing will come up!! i dont know what happened! please u have any other advice?!?!
  2. Hey mates, well its been a long time since i haven't posted here, but now i have a huge problem ;)... Last night i had my omnia and everything was normal, and all of a sudden it froze and when i tried to reset it, it just got stuck on the welcome screen!! I dont know what happened! the last time i flashed it was almost 3 months ago with SECTOR'S last rom and it just froze like that, and now my computer wont even recognize it and i can't do anything! Please someone help me! what to do! Thank you very much!!!
  3. Happy birthday Sector!! Hope u had some nice cold Carlsbergs! Cheers mate!
  4. Also if this is your first time flashing your phone you should also take a look at this guide made by sector to proper flash your phone. http://www.modaco.com/content/i900-general...00-omnia-phone/
  5. So im deciding to move to 6.5 and give it a shot. But before i do that, i have a question. Sector can you tell me, or anyone, what applications are working well with 6.5 or which ones are the ones that are not compatible with 6.5? or if theres alerady a post made for this? or if all the apps works just fine with 6.5? To be honest i havent been active in the ROMS section only but i would like to know if at this point is it worth upgrading to 6.5? by worth i mean stable, compatible with most apps, or bugs free etc. I mean Sector's ROMS look very sweet but i would like to know that first. Im currently using Taril's ROM which it has been good to me very stable etc. So any help would be very welcome. Thank you <_<
  6. Do some reaserch before u ask. Use the search option as well and you will find a variaty of available 6.5 ROMS. Anyway start looking here. <_< 6.5 ROMS
  7. 1+ Jblend works very very well with java games + sound. The only bug i have found with Jblend is that it doesnt fit exactly perfect on the screen, theres a small space on the bottom of the screen that stays white but other than that it works very nice tho. I wonder how can i fix that? or if im the only one with that problem? :)
  8. Hey guz, well this has abosolutely nothing to do with the topic, but i just didnt wanna open a new topic just for this question, sorry. Well i know stuff about computers but this one really didnt know about hehe I just wanted to know, can anyone tell me the difference between JBlend and the Java software that is installed in our phones? Which one is better? and why? Thank you very much. <_<
  9. Finaly!! I've been waiting to skin my Spam alert for a long time hehe... well anyway thank you very much sector!! Well I just made my Custom theme pretty much using the basic Gothing Blue skin and all the credit goes to the person that made the skin which is great, but there were some icons that i didnt like, so i just made a few changes to the menu icons plus the incall options so it will be like the original one but it looks better in black,so i hope someone likes it.... here it is.. :) Custom_Theme_Keoni69.rar Well let me know if you like it <_<
  10. This is just one very nice taskbar grigoris. I do have a request for you, perhaps you could do it or not. Do you mind adding the V4 icons to the V3 like the battery, the windows start icon, the sound profile, and the bluetooth option. I kinda dont like the green icons. But im sure the V3 blue or (perhaps some blackish :excl: ) icons with that amazing battery and the start menu and the sound profile that would look very very nice! :excl: . Perhaps you could make one like that or perhaps better! and help me and do that if its not too much of a problem :excl: Thank you my friend.
  11. Yeah i know what u mean mate. But the thing is that i use resco explorer so much to browse all my files so often that it would be very nice that you could view all the pictures at once just by opening 1 and by instance view all the other ones instead of goin to media album itself. And yes i know it is actually a very good program but i just miss that option :excl:. And yest still not able to install htc album. Still in chinese words dnt know what im doin wrong, i downloaded the file from xda but nothing :excl: Thankx mate! :excl:
  12. Umm do u mind explaining me how to install this program please?i have the file that says that has the explorer option but its reading in chinese. I installed it to the memory and now i just installed the other program that saids 409.mui and now it doesnt open :s u mind sharing how to properly install please mate? Thank you!:excl:
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