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  1. And if you install those games you'll find that they all need on a SDK HTC accelometer. making them unplayable
  2. Is it that slight delay where the first tone is about half the usual ring?
  3. Looks like this should be comming to a WinMo device soon. And i have to say it does look to replace my current T9 imput style. Hit the link for a Demo of the creater of the T9 imput demoing his Swype Swype Also Hit the Swype website To register for the Beta
  4. Dan Sansome, some people have had trouble adding in Googlemaps as it doesnt reconise their device and installs a java version... Heres the correct .cab file to install googlemaps (ripped from the Omnia firmware) Heres the correct .cab file ripped from the Samsung i900 for google maps 4Shared With thanks from the XDA developers http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=417825
  5. Never had it stop responding, never taken the back off it either... You tried hitting the reset button at the top?
  6. Oh gawd, that i907 looks ugly guess were waiting untill the internal diagram appears here
  7. *Anyone want to break open their Omnia??* :D Also if you type in *#0228# it tells you under Serving Cell its WCDMA... It wouldn't make alot of sense to keep the antenna to EU only...
  8. The Radio chip inside the omnia is a Qualcomm RTR6285 which according to Qualcomm is a "Support for Eight UMTS Bands, Four EGPRS Bands, Triple-Band Receive Diversity and GPS Integrated into Power-Optimized RTR6285 Device" Heres the photos from inside the decive which states its a Qualcomm RTR6285 4th Photo down So in it seems that the Chip is locked by the firmware only, and with a little tinkering it should mean our friends accross the atlantic can get 3G ***unless i'm totally wrong**
  9. *Bashes Head* Every time i try to run the i900DXHH1 i get "This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix the problem" And i have no idea why... Redownloaded it 3 times same message... strange thing is it actually runs on my Vista one...
  10. Within the first 28 days you can return it to orange (Or if you have the insurance untill you cancel it) Using the excuse "I turned it on and all i got was this blank screen" is a excellent excuse. I get it all the time at my work
  11. I too would love a XDA Developers for the Omnia... However they have built up such a large gathering over the years, because HTC WAS THE mobile device. It's too early so say if Samsung will be as popular as HTC (and i suspect it wont be). But its a great phone and someone over at XDA has already deconstructed most/all of the Samsung Omnia ROM and it's helped afew people on here already. So Fingers crossed.
  12. Hrmmm? I use TT7 (and so does paul i belive) and it works fine on the i900
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