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    Samsung Omnia i900
  1. I allllllmoooooooost got the HD2 but reading some reviews and watching videos made me stay true to samsung and I got the i8000. Now I am waiting for the 16gb model to come out so I can grandfather the 8gb model to the wife hahaha. :D IMHO samsung is heading in the right direction for what I want in a device.
  2. I will be ordering my i8000 next Friday!!!!!!! I feel good baby!!!!!!! Daddy wants a new gadget :D :) :D :D !!!!!!! I am such shameless whore4tech ;) :D :o
  3. Good info man. It will be this or the omnia II for me
  4. 1Mack

    Is this a Taril DXID1 ROM?

    Well I for 1 and so glad that T aka R did not stop making his magic ROMS and that we finally have access to them. This ROM is sweet.
  5. THIS ROM ROCKS!!!!!!!!!! :D :o TARIL, alias Romovics=King of Omnia ROM Cooks ;) :)
  6. 1Mack

    Is this a Taril DXID1 ROM?

    About time. THANKS T :o
  7. Whats new? Can anyone give a report? :D
  8. Cryingman can you upload your cab here or email it to me? I cannot go to your DL Link
  9. :( It is in and hot. Thanks to Dmitriy K!!!! I had to actually create the flag dword=2 but other than :( B) Cryingman can you upload your bt fix here? I cannot access your download point due to my corporate masters blocking it :( edit:did the reg hack and I am good to go:)
  10. This app is tasty B) thanks
  11. Bored with the Omnia :P :P :( NOT :D B) . I have been waiting long weeks for a replacement for my one that got nicked but still pass the time upgrading and tweaking my friends :D . This Phone replaced my N95 and my Ipaq 2795 and also takes pocket camera duty now. With only this device and a back up battery I am ready for damn near everything that can come at me in a day. Are there some improvements I would like to see in an upcoming WINMO version YES (256 RAM and 512 ROM or putting OS on the mass storage for starters) Are there somethings I think need to be ironed out in this version YES (some more camera refinements and the voice command BT fixed) but for a multi-function device it is just the best I have had.
  12. Can someone pleeeease WINRAR this so us limited bandwith members can get a taste of this ROM :( :P B)

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