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  1. Nope, well, not with Exchange (which I have lost access to anyway due to company policy :-( ) ... what I have done is move my Exchange tasks to Google Tasks ... which I can edit from the browser on the PC and with several apps on the Galaxy. The app I use is called GTasks and works fine! In fact, it is easier to update tasks with GTasks than on the PC ... https://market.andro...e=search_result Good luck!
  2. Thanks a lot to both for the replies ... really interesting information. What I have realized now is that I am using Tasks in fact just to store pretty static information ... in fact something you would typically put in notes or memos. When using WM I had switched to Tasks as these were synchronized nicely and could be updated both sides. What I am thinking about doing now with these few notes is make them Appointments on a specific (remote) date, and put the contents in the notes field ... that should do the job! Thanks again!
  3. Hi everyone, I am able to sync Email, Contacts and Calendar with the corporate Exchange Server, but even though it looks like Tasks should also be synchronized (there is also a menu Sync Task within the Task application), it does not ... Within Manage Accounts I don't see the option Sync Tasks, and I would be surprised if it is the server blocking that as I have always been able to sync tasks with WM devices ... Has anyone any experience with this, or any ideas? Thanks!
  4. I have a Taril ROM, but also want to get rid of the Big Volume Control... anyone knows how to disable it? EDIT: Found the answer to this question in another thread... works! http://www.modaco.com/content/i900-general...e-not-working/#
  5. I ended up downloading and installing both ;) First I played with 6.5 for a few hours, and I have to say that it is indeed very stable, everything works fine, and it has some nice apps included, like Voice Command. But you can see that it has been ported into the Omnia, because popups do not show nicely and I have troubles entering data with the Samsung keyboard in some applications/pages. The honeycomb interface is nice but for the time being I prefer the classic Start Menu in combination with Samsung Today 2. So after playing with 6.5, I installed 6.1, and that one gives me all I want and more! :D Note that it has also a new version of Internet Explorer that I had not seen before. Will stay on 6.1 for a while now...
  6. Key for me is stability, so no freezes, strange behaviours, 100% uptime... I was so happy with the last Taril ROM I downloaded, the DXIA5 I think... is this 6.5 ROM also very stable in your opinion, or is it safer to go for the latest Taril 6.1? ;)
  7. Managed to register and download the 6.1 ROM... as far as I can see there is no discussion about it... at least in English... so is this the place to discuss about it? Anyone installed it already, any issues (I will try to install myself one of these evenings, when I have some time...)?
  8. Hi s0cks! Coming from another thread ( http://www.modaco.com/content/i900-general...m/#entry1033438 )... Can you please check if the ROM posted on this site ( http://www.pspmyspace.com/omnia/2009/02/cu...2-update-1.html , you need to click on the donwload link to see that it is not a DXIA2 but a DXID1) is yours? Because first we thought it was from Taril, but looking at this thread after having installed it, I think it is yours :D
  9. This is interesting... looking at the s0cks ROM, it looks very much like one on the link above (supposedly from Taril)... same concept, same Apps, and I see something in Portuguese (in the button mappings), which I never saw in Taril's. s0cks speaks Portuguese, while Taril does not as far as I know. So I am starting to think that somehow the ROM posted above is in fact a ROM from s0cks... will post and ask s0cks...
  10. Sorry, but this is plain BS... as previous poster said, if you are looking for an optimized ROM that contains all the original Samsung apps (which I like) and some more, Taril's ROMs are by far the best, as they free up A LOT of storage and memory space. And it is VERY fast I have to say. If you prefer a clean ROM and have your phone empty, or spend a lot of time (and money?) installing third party apps, stay away from Taril's ROMs and choose another one from the other famous chefs! Only issue I have noticed so far with this ROM (that previous versions did not have) is that it screwed up the Backlight settings. I found a workaround, but still... note: could be that the bug is caused by another program I have installed, and not the ROM, but I don't want to do another hard-reset right now... Maybe someone can check, immediately after having installed this DXID1 ROM (and a registry editor), what the value is for the DWORD LockLevel present in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\BackLight\LockLevel? I had to change it from 4 (or 1) to 0 to have the Backlight settings I set working, otherwise Backlight settings always default to 7 seconds. Thanks!
  11. There is still hope: according to ADVERT LINK REMOVED, TV-Out is possible... :D http://www.ADVERT LINK REMOVED.com/htmls/Samsung-Om...ne-pa_3802.html
  12. This looks indeed like a DXID1 from Taril, my hero! I upgraded this evening (from Taril's DXIA2, which was great), and it looks very similiar but has some slight changes, and indeed 89 or 90 MB of free storage mem while keeping all the Samsung Apps and having the same Taril added to his previous ROMs (like the Advanced Configurator, fring, ClearTemp, etc.). So it looks like it is coming from the master himself but he did not want to give too much publicity to it... in any case, thanks a lot to isaiah for the great discovery and of course to Taril! :D
  13. Yes, maybe it is through the miniUSB... it would not be wise to skip a VideoOut for this device that is much more powerful from a processor and media point of view than that previous model, knowing that other competitors like the iPhone do have that functionality... But even better would be if the 3.5mm jack was a 4-pole RCA connector, which can give both audio and video (other devices like Archos or portable DVD players have that often)... at least better for me :D
  14. Am I the only one who is missing the Video out that the Omnia does have? I found that pretty useful when traveling... Or is it maybe in the audio connector???
  15. I bought this one from Brando, and it works perfectly fine!: http://shop.brando.com.hk/samsung-i900-omn...0c0312d002.html You can even charge while watching if you have an additional mini-usb cable... works! Only $18+$3 for shipping!
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