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  1. Hi P_Dhee.

    I am trying to install one your ROOMS. I have tried to few of them however the user downloand xp delivers a msg like this " timeout- PDA device not found". Please I would appreciate if you give some directions. Thank you

  2. Here we go :( >>>> i900Omnia_23551.5.5_Lite_beta1 23554 and 23112 just finished upload and wait link from Advancedpcs :( sorry on mobile :P
  3. Man - you ROCK! Your Roms are the coolest _ GfunkyG

  4. Hi, luckyluke7 :( I made ss dialer cab for v/d call, istall & soft reset. Could U help me to test and let me know if it work. >>> PDhee_SSdialer.cab :(
  5. Hi, o-wa Build 21892 beta1 has deep sleep bug as U feedback, due to bad sources of module, about 300 modules have the same e32_vbase, I try to fixed by hex all 300 modules in beta2. So, only testing, don't use in everyday. Build 21891 was good source and no pleblem about deep sleep. so, U can play it if U like old style Ui. PDhee.
  6. Hey P'Dhee !

    How are you my friend?

    There is a long time...

    Nice to see you here and cooking for no change HAHA ;)

    Why i buy a TG01 and not an Omnia? XD

    I hope you're fine.



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