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  1. if i buy a t omnia does it come with one of those korean hot chick??? i would love one LOL
  2. i too have the same mind loving the smoothness and all the goodness of iphone, but still i kind of like my omnia~~so i did not buy a iphone.....................................i bought a 2gen itouch and keep my omnia XDDDDDD problem solved
  3. CEstar works fine on mine~~not free but im sure u find find a cough**c rv ck ** cough some where
  4. GREAT FIND!!! i am gonna run it nonstop for few days~~see how reliable it is
  5. it may work, but i dont think anyone will break their phone for that~~~after u break those two things, u may end up having a slot that can't hold the MicroSD anymore.
  6. omnia dont have that~~for somereason they removed it~~and put an "about" n "version"
  7. im running it in my tylt II, not very impressive, its a developer's rom they emulating, nothing to play with~
  8. im playing around with this too~~it would be amazing using android in Omnia~~keep this threat up~~see anyone find a way ps~a system as good as andriod need to be run on a good phone like omnia, not a shitty t-mobile G1~~muhahahahaha~hahahahaha~cheers
  9. im waiting for 3G too~~but not att, im waiting for the t-mobile 3g`~~dont know if it works but t-mobile 3G is 2100~~so there is a chances~~i just need to get a 3g simcard which is not available yet~~
  10. i dont have any problem with coreplayer~~im using ver. 1.2.5 built 4506
  11. should be just under "beam file".... ;) , i just tried it..........
  12. use the built in file explore and navigate to the ringtones location, touch and hold the ringtone to see extended menu, select set as ringtone , cheers
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