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  1. hi ock.. (GTX 23118 refreshed) is really good. i am testing still but, for the present battery life is better than premium 23129 indeed.. thanks for your work..
  2. i tested other cheff s roms to and sorry but it is real, ock premium 23129's battery life isn't 1 day on my phone: 3G connection always on and i use youtube often, ..... At the same time Ryrzy's rom more better than ock's rom on my phone ;) (sorry for my bad english) +3 for your knowledge. (sorry for my bad english again :huh: )
  3. Ryrzy, we want your [WM6.5 PLK][11.09.09] R6.5 + Manila2D [23047] rom in english, is it possible? :)
  4. oo thanks, it is working now.. Thank you very much..
  5. thanks kiro777, but i need just screen locking, not with buttons.
  6. Thanks Ryrzy, your last rom very good but can u fix radio recording problem?..
  7. thanks for roms..they are very good, but mouse is problem. and we cant use titanium on v4, i prefer titanium but v4 has NeoTitanium.. Thanks again.. and sorry for my english.
  8. First; Thank you very very much for vie 12. But why manila's weather has not animation? Thank you again..
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