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  1. so i must wait an higher sw version or i can use the same version that i have into the padfone2 but european and not cht?????????
  2. pls someone can say me if is possible or not??????????' cheers
  3. thx for the answer, i bought my padfone in tw but i'm european and i want change my ch rom with an european rom, it's possible???????? see ya
  4. hi, i don't understand if i can chanche my cht padfone rom with an european one because i read that: If i flash the wrong firmware upgrade, can damage the firmware on the Padfone permanently! Please check in your system settings which firmware version number and version region you have. it's true or i can flash wwe rom without problems?????? cheers
  5. hi guys, I'm cooking a rom with the kitchen of dsixda, I just wanted to know how to change the default icons (battery etc) and put another launcher (what i have to change and what to remove and / or add), and of course that everything will start to default thanks
  6. hi to all guys, i'm new on android,not in modaco someone of old moderatos could remember me B), btw i'm new and this android world and yesterday i changed the rom with the new official rom by ota, but after read that with new rom i can't root my device for installing cooked rom................what can i do???? thx in advance friends :unsure:
  7. thx secany, i hope that include also italian rom B) thanx in advance
  8. Just download wincontrol go into the software-tweaks, tab and drag the magnifier to the "Verify device" button. Now press the Enable button in wincontrol on the left side below testhandle can someone explain me better how can i use ths wincontrol? cheers
  9. hi , for example i want to instal on italian cooked rom ,manilla, how can i do to run it automatically :lol: thx
  10. anyone can help me? i want install on default(manilla and others) , so why don't automatically run :lol: :D thx in advance
  11. nop, don't work for me, no one application on default:( don't start automatically
  12. hi friends, how can add applications on default? ex: i hate file explorer and i want put another's one cheers :lol:
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