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  1. Ock help ! please "the program was install UNSUCESSFULLY............ because you dont have sufficient system permission"... ! i trying to install omnia keyboard.. love all your rom by the way!.. well done... IGNORE THIS......as samsung keyboard good enough.. sorry
  2. does this work on Samsung galaxy S ? with chrome ? or opera.. i cant seem to make it work.! thanks in advance for helpers.. chrome doesnt automatically default mobile view ! ? can someone list the steps please.. ! for newbie here
  3. THANK Ock FOR ANSWER .! GREAT ROM BY THE WAY... a fan....anyway i was referring to AlphaIU..with soft button. there is also a bug.. the left soft button "phone" when activate bluetooth on permanently, it disappeared. when bluetooth is off, it is back ! weird there is a camera button already i didnt like the extra soft button of the right, can i wanna to link to favorite, but how ?
  4. can someone put me out of misery please. !? how to change the softkey on bottome right (default is "camera").. i know it somewhere but cant find the answer
  5. Hi Jean can you teach me/us .. 1 to change .. the soft key bottom right, from camera to favorite 2. how to change the icons like yours.. with colour ...;) many many thanks
  6. @ Daniel Gava.... i was asking about AlphaIU design.. it doesNOT the page with favourite contacts..(picture/avatar of people) so can easy to call/message similar to M2D/SPB etc..... just wonder .. any plug-ins and other small programs.. to solve this problem
  7. hi brother .. i seached back about 5 pages still cant find the answer for the same questions.. did you work it out or find Ock answer............. please re post..............thanks in advance
  8. I miss picture/avatar contact page on this AlphaIU.......... can someone suggest a way/or program to replace this .. thanks
  9. hi Nick.. i know you are semi-retire from cooking.. but if it is possible... 28233 is fast/less/no bugs. can you release ............ FAT... 28233 with MD2 thanks..
  10. i have this great rom.. 28005...... i installed the internet tab from M2D, it has youtube icon, then installed you tube software from google.. .. it works great.... just wonder .. any expert here .. point to how to modify the links.. and connect youtube icons from internet to my youtube program... thanks
  11. is this .. better than DXIA1...............? some one said ..DXIF1 .. latest....for asian/english region ? whats is this ROM..XBI ? whats region ? English
  12. hi KC and helpers! is this ROM. has DXIF1 phone parts..........cooked with it.. if so, it is better DXID1? many thanks in advance.. if not, can anyone point to DXIF1 phone part.. thanks
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