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  1. So I bought Brendan's (@wildlime) Ticwatch Pro last week and as lovely as it is, I've gone back to my trusted Pebble Time. WearOS is not for me, not yet anyway! Any questions, just ask below. Thanks, John.
  2. Any reason why when running in Terminal /Volumes/NO\ NAME/ +x install-clockworkmod-mac.sh I get -bash: /Volumes/NO NAME/ No such file or directory When it's there! B) Edit: Managed to 'cd' the directory, then re-done, then get this MacBook: John$ ./install-clockworkmod-mac.sh 1120 KB/s (557962 bytes in 0.486s) property service neutered. killing adbd. (should restart in a second or two) Johns-MacBook: John$[/codebox] When I turn off, then on, holding vol down and power, just boots into the LG logo then the box with arrow and just repeats until I let go. I then end up with my 2X in factory settings. Edit 2: Having just lost 2 hours of my life, maybe an idea to say this needs to be run from the internal SD and not external! Arrrrrrgh :D
  3. Finally got email just after half 4. You'd think I was the last to order, back on the 15th March! Lets just hope it arrives tomorrow :D
  4. So Gum Mobile did dispatch some orders yesterday, which were received today. Fair to say who was actually 'first' then.
  5. Snap, same generic email no doubt. Website still show's 23rd/24th.
  6. They may be, but when your advertising "First to get stock in the UK" and keep the release date as the 28th on said date. Then change it to 23rd/24th as said above, doesn't instil much confidence. They still have this on the site and their "stock" has dropped by 4-5 overnight. Potentially this 4-5 more sales they've got by giving a false expectation. Everyone here has had to go to them, to get this information, not the other way around which it should've been when our £450 is already sitting in their coffers. Rant over :D
  7. This gets better....... They replied to me just before midday to say it won't be in and dispatched until Friday :D
  8. Well that sucks! They could've at least done a batch email to everyone who had ordered. Seeing as they have already confirmed (to several people) they were due to receive them today! :D
  9. So who's emailing Superetrader first, to find out if their stock has arrived? :D
  10. As long as said phone's frequency band matched those in the US (most are quad-band, so would, maybe apart from 4G?). Don't know about that! The Dutch seem to have got their hands on the 2X before anybody else in Europe! :D
  11. Pretty much! Lol, but with it being without a sim card, the phone is not tied to ANY carrier. Carriers/Networks in the UK don't sell sim-free phones. Pay As You Go, well, that's a different matter :D !
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