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  1. I have a proposal: in the last section you can add a field "reliability" (not like HW reliability, but more like doing the job fast & correct on demand, every time when needed) or simply a free text field...it would require some work afterwards, but you can get a better input. just an idea.
  2. Thanks for the feedback! It's a pity though... ;)
  3. A quick one - has anyone tested the Vega/POV towards an Enigma based receiver like Dreambox/VU+? I'm curious how good/bad is the tablet when it comes to receiving & playing SD & HD transport streams.
  4. Question - how is your mail account setup - do you fetch mail every X min? Edit: I'm asking because as I'm aware iPad tends to establish wifi connection regularly, if the e-mail client is configured to fetch new mails at intervals. Would be interesting if Vega has the same concept. By the way how it is done on the Android phones - what happens when the device enters standby, if the cellular data is disabled and wifi enabled?
  5. I also think it's hidden within the ID3 tag - I use mp3tag freeware sw to edit&organize the mp3s and there you can assign a jpg to the mp3 tag by simple drag&drop. Afterwards the itunes recognizes the cover art, without placing the actual jpg it in the album folder r anything similar.
  6. My opinion, after having the iPad for a while, is...you can't kill a product, which is already dead ;) Seriously, holding this heavy metal plate, which is incapable of any normal daily task...feels like having a mirror (or yellow pages book to be more precise) and staring into it all the time. That's the possible usage of that "pad", or at least that's how Apple understands it. Unluckily the magical functionality is still not available in the iOS by now :P I understand that tablets != PCs and that a regular PC OS wouldn't fit easily on them. However, pretending that tablets should have an OS of a mp3 player is not the way forward. So no, currently we don't have iPad killer as all the other companies are producing tablets. iPad isn't. My 2c.
  7. Thanks for the info guys, will get one of those tables as soon as they are available.
  8. First a bit offtopic - I've been playing for a week with the iPad and the whole sandboxed app concept gave me no choice but to return it. So now I'm looking forward to an Android tablet and perhaps you can throw some light from your experience with the VEGA: - is it possible on Android to download files from the web browser or any other 3rd party application to a common location (/home/documents for instance) so that all other applications can have access to those data? - is it possible on Android to open, manipulate and save locally (alternatively upload to dropbox) most of the day2day file formats? Any limitations/drawbacks with certain file formats? - Anyone tried DME3 client already? Thanks in advance!
  9. The main problem is that nowadays you can't simply walk into a shop and try a phone. The only things you see is the GUI. Functionality is well hidden and require settings up accounts and a lot of personal testing... At least I need min 6-7 days of usage in order to say what the are the +/- of the HW & SW chosen and if I can live with them. All phones have issues and looks like the producers are really putting an effort to hide them well :huh: If I'm to go for a 500+ euro/$ phone, I'd only buy it with a min of 2 weeks try&return option. Else it's simply matter of luck-as it was with my omnia. P.S If you compare OSes it's much more difficult as you'd have to compare also the specific versions of the SW you're using, not only the OS&HW. For instance Sportypal is a great SW under WM, but don't ask me how it's working on iphone. Or DME3...
  10. I've recently bought a 2nd hand iphone 3gs just to try it as looking for an upgrade of my omnia (perfectly working though) and here is my opinion as an iphone-rookie. 0/ the phone functionalities are ... missing. Seriously, you can't even tweak the call forwarding options or voice mailbox..sms gateway...at least not in the GUI(there are other options). I wonder sometimes what are the GSM standardization org. for and who let such a device to be called "GSM phone". Reception is quite...well, I'd actually remain silent here, as the phone has ios 4.0.1, which is known to be intentionally showing crappier reception as it actually is:) 1/ This thing is useless if it isn't jaibroken. Simple as that. Anyone, that lives with the locked IOS has no idea what a smartphone can be used for Or never needed something more than PSP & GSM. 2/ If someone says that iphone is easy to set & personalize, then most probably he/she never tried something more than moving the st***d app icons around. It took me 4 days of reading and tweaking in order to make it exactly functional as my WM omnia. Still some things are left though, but I have already an idea how to get them on board. IOS is also not that logically done as some people present it-it definitely has a learning curve. 3/ Once jailbroken, it's not a bad device - you can have a lock screen with all the appointments & weather info; you can have sort of widgets for toggling the wifi/cell data/processes/etc. stuff; you can define gestures quite OK; you can have offline maps for hiking... 4/ sshd, terminal, file system access, itunes "manual" SW install - all is possible without big issues after doing point 1/ 5/ I don't think that iphone 4 deserves the price diff, compared to 3gs. I find the 3GS screen resolution OK and never used any phone cam for something serious or video recording...my opinion though-your mileage may vary! Still, even if I don't keep the 3GS, I wouldn't go for iphone 4 due to the tech. issues. 6/ the famous appstore is total crap. Full of spyware & useless stuff, difficult to search, user opinions and evaluations are filtered to the possible minimum. Don't like it at all. Luckily it's not that obligatory to be used. So in short my opinion - no smartphone is easy to configure & setup. Some are easier, some not so logical. The main idea is that a smartphone should fulfill and suite its owner's needs. The big positive thing about iphone is that the software (at least the one I'm using) is of good quality. It doesn't crash, it doesn't lag. You take the phone out of your pocket and you do what you want, assuming you've invested some time in advance to tweak everything to suite your needs of course. No idea how good android is - someday will check it as well, if I get used to the idea to share my life with google... :D))))
  11. +1 In addition I can jog while listening to FM radio and have gpx tracking enabled. Absolutly no problems such as excessive cell data, bad multitasking, gps innacuracy or any privacy issues. Each and every feature of the phone is working as charm. Battery is great and can last several busioness days or a whole day of hiking/cycling... Google & apple are simply not good enough for me.
  12. Once again - can you capture the usage of cache & temp when you see the lag?
  13. Just a thought - what is the cache used for? It isn't swap and it's not that big. /dev/block/stl11 /cache rfs rw,nosuid,nodev,vfat,llw,check=no,gid/uid/rwx,iocharset=utf8 0 0 Can you check what is the usage of each partition when the lag occurs (df -h)? Particularly the swap & cache ones... Edit: One more thing - I don't have the phone, but I saw complains that the lag is not constant - it just happens sometimes that the phone gets lagged. If the slow access to /data is the root cause, then the lag should be constant, isn't it?
  14. Not necessary - a replacement digitizer costs less and lasts longer :lol:
  15. Ouch. Thanks for sharing - I've just started thinking that Samsung changed the behaviour of scr****g the things intentionally . :lol:
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