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  1. Sounds like a fake post to me from a iphone 4 fanboy. 1 hours 30 mins is impossible. The fastest I drained the battery took like 2 hours with wif,gps,mutli tasking music and playing a movie.
  2. No good, no matter what i do android market is broken. Factory reset and market fix. its always showing network error retry. This is R2 of course. Also I used JG1 before as a normal rom, it was faster than this custom rom r2. Thats with or with the lag fix. Should it not be the other way round?
  3. Still no luck, I will try windows 32bit asap, otherwise its back to samsung
  4. I'm on windows 7 x64 and when I start to flash it again, it starts and then after a while the phone itself powers off (about 30 seconds) Starting the phone shows a mobile and connection logo. Looks like the damn thing is semi bricked?! I've tried everything for the last few hours and at least I can still get into the download mode. How to enter the recovery? I think i need to recover everything and hopefully fix it. Otherwise what are my options then?
  5. Dammit Oh I wish I never read this advise...bad advise i think! I ticked re-partition. And now I've been sitting looking at: <ID:0/007> Added!! <ID:0/007> Odin v.3 engine (ID:7).. <ID:0/007> File analysis.. <ID:0/007> Set PIT file.. <ID:0/007> DO NOT TURN OFF TARGET!! For the last 30 minutes almost !!!!!!!! does it take this long, I don't think so... Did I just brick it? The phone is still on and in Downloading mode. I will just leave it. But can I recover from this and how?
  6. Hi Sorry to tell you, but you have a faulty screen. It needs to be replaced. I had one just like this and the screen was faulty, it was swapped for a new one.
  7. What are the improvements with DXHL1 Radio, has the battery life improved?
  8. Yes this is a good rom, I find the battery life is great. I play music all day at work or the radio and it only drops to about 80%. Thats with about 5 mins of calls and a video call of about 5 mins too.
  9. No missing icons some links when click don't do anything like media album etc
  10. Wow thanks, your the best. Can wait for a L2 based LFI! I like touch player not so much coreplayer, the new TP is fast and clean. Its great!
  11. The smplayer.exe file is there, its not missing, but I think its something removed from the last build of this great ROM. Any ideas lufeig?
  12. Seems we are missing smplayer.exe ? Was this removed? :rolleyes: Can someone upload this file?
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