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  1. strange, just installed it from market and all working fine.
  2. I am trying to use the keyboard, it just will not let me type anything in either username or password box
  3. Any one else find they cannot enter text into google maps/buzz login boxes?
  4. Hi Sector, any chance you can make the Zeus_Lite rom without titanium and m2d but with everything else so that i can run spb mobile shell 3 on it? Thanks
  5. If you want to stick with DX roms choose Philippines as your country, its the same as the Singapore rom but without chinese language built in. I am using the Philippines rom at the moment on my phone which i bought in Singapore without problems.
  6. Hey these look great and i would like to try them but there is no download link?
  7. when you have got your music onto my storage open touch player and search for new files, it should find them for you
  8. Does anyone know what these *.mli firmware types are for as opposed to *.exe, just found i900XXHI2 Multilanguage file in *.mli format instead of the usual *.exe ???
  9. go to settings-sound and notifications-notifications and set the main ringtone there, or if you go to contacts you can set individual contact ringtones
  10. Or make a new My Documents folder on My Storage and put them there ;)
  11. Had another look for you and think i have found what you want, check your PM
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