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  1. I seconded touchflo remark, Omnia II has superior OpenGL Es 2, most developers design softwares for OpenGl Es 1 which was found on older and larger market form other WinMo phone. You can see the difference from earlier version of SPB Mobile Shell with OpenGl Es 1 which only support HTC WinMo for 3d features now run better with OpenGl Es 2 on Omnia II. (See Version 3.5.3 (Dec 29, 2009): http://www.spbsoftwarehouse.com/pocketpc-s...l/history.html) Thou it sound silly where Modaco members have already patch for Omnia II to run backward compatible with OpenGl Es 1, I think it is proper to support this petition so that Samsung will push other developers to upgrade softwares to support OpenGl Es 2 or as touchflo mention provide with hardware accelerated Direct3d mobile drivers and API for developer to design better software for Omnia II.
  2. Thank you hope I get it right this time, any good singapore/malaysia 6.5.3 cooked or official rom?
  3. Please help, I am stuck to windows mobile 6.5 rom and not able to upgrade due to lot of my software, Pocket Islam, CHM Ebook reader and lot more have problems displaying OK button which by default on top right hand. But after install 6.5.3 and 6.5.5 lot of old programs seem not compatible with the new rom where the ok button is change to bottom right hand side. So how do I get to configure these old program to work or should I say how to get the OK button works. It just don't show OK when it's suppose to. Thanks in advance.
  4. Love my O2 dearly, Samsung did a good job when they release both O1 and O2. When i got my O1 it was the best Winmo phone available due to largest flash disk and first 5 mb camera option. Then came O2 with beautiful screen, largest size and first compass Winmo available that time, Samsung was to generous giving lot of stuffs which ended people complaining to slow and crappy opengl games but they didn't realize that they have opengl 2 which isn't available elsewhere unfortunately the developers are not ready to port on it yet.
  5. Samsung's Omnia II handset was the first phone to feature Swype, the super-fast input method for texting. It's now officially the world's fastest way to text, breaking the Guinness World Record with five seconds to spare. Read more and see the video demo at http://gizmodo.com/5499723/samsung-sets-ne...in-a-commercial
  6. Sorry about that, maybe it's due to that i'am using i8000. One easiet method: 1. Copy this file \windows\start menu\programs\message.lnk to my storage using File Manager because you cannot access file from my device\windows. 2. Copy this file "message.lnk" from my storage to your computer desktop. 3. Use notepad program, drag this file and drop it in notepad. This will show the link to the samsung chat message. Mine is -22# "\windows\SMS-MMS.exe". Yours could be different. 4.Use the link given which is in my case "\windows\SMS-MMS.exe" and register it using the one i post earlier. Good Luck.
  7. It's hidden in the Windows folder, use File Manager program and click Menu then click Show All Files. Probably if you scroll the list will be to long due to all file visible, use Search and type sms-mms.exe.
  8. Just to share my finding how to change link to Samsung Chat Messaging or other SMS Program within SPB Mobile Shell 3.5.3 sms widget. Go to: HKLM/Software/Microsoft/Shell/Rai/:MSINBOX For default Samsung SMS Chat Change key 1 (default : Tmail) with : "\ windows\ sms-mms.exe" For Vito SMS Chat change to : "\ Program Files \ VITO \ SMS-Chat \ SMSChat.exe" Don't forget the quotation symbol " " Credit to the owner of this site: You'll find other SPB tips and trick here http://omniarom.com/forum/index.php?topic=96.0;wap2
  9. According to this site General Manager for Microsoft’s Mobile Communications Business in the Asia-Pacific all current winmo 6.5 devices not comply to windows phone 7 including the HTC HD2. Read more at http://apcmag.com/microsoft-no-windows-pho...-6x-devices.htm
  10. Great job, i've tested the latest edition 3.1 works great. Some tips thou, the software work exactly like other gps software where you need to be in clear sky to get good satellites receptions then only the software will show the direction of the preset waypoint. Check the Gps Datas by sliding the compass with your finger to the left and look at the number of satellites detected, normally it take more than 8 to get the satellites locked to your location. So don't expect the arrow waypoint will visible in building or during bad weather where satellites reception are bad. Tips on how to get waypoint from google map 1. Search location in google map example: Kaaba Saudi Arabia 2. When location detected in google map with tag, right mouse click the tag and select what's here? 3. The latitude and longitude will be displayed in the search field in this case: 21.423069,39.826169 Where latitude: 21.423069 and longitude: 39.826169 :( :D ;) :D
  11. Coreplayer does not support opengl es 2.0 that's why omnia default media player which is compatible to es 2.0 performs better. Omnia2 was made to support es 2.0 which is better but unfortunately it is not backward compatible to es 1. Think since this is first edtion for es 2.0 from SPB, i believe they will release an update to rectify the problems.
  12. Shukran, thanks for the info. How to enable voice in the KFGQPC quran, installed but there're voice narration features but i can't get it to run.
  13. Nice work, keep it up. :) For next version, I would like to request if it is possible to work with gps for detecting location where user can add gps location and use the compass to guide them to the location. This will help a lot due to gps software on windows mobile does not link with our built in compass to show actual screen rotation like the google street view in android. Sample of commercial app release for iphone and android base on compass application http://www.islamiccompass.com/index.php , I just wish they have added windows mobile but I see that your application are quite similar except for the gps to determine location and in this case it will help the muslim to determine direction of prayer based on the gps location and I believe for other uses as well like off road and jungle tracking.
  14. Satellite fix depends also on weather, if its cloudy you'll have problem with losing satelite receptions.
  15. Incoming is still in windows mobile format, I suggest install freeware s2u2 v2.14 and enable only the caller id for fullscreen picture caller id. By default s2u2 will enable the lock screen which will run together with windows mobile 6.5 lock screen, search this forum to customize s2u2 to work with Omnia 2.
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