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  1. Could I get your OEM/EXT for wifi router? Yours is the only rom (including my own and .cab) that wifi routing has worked on my phone. JJ
  2. What is the X button that is used in this rom? I like that it actually closes programs. JJ
  3. Hello... I did a little video recording, last night. The picture quality was pretty good (I chose 640x480 and had xcpuscaler running at 500mh). It wouldn't let me record any higher than 15fps, though, and it looks to have no anti-aliasing (very jaggedy edges). It recorded as .3g2, also. Is there any ability to choose different frame-rates, codecs, or file types? I know there is a hacked .exe for using date/time for the filename (I'm using it, currently). I thought there could be another setting in the .exe, or maybe just registry entries, that could allow better quality videos. JJ
  4. Fa310tx

    Cook Dc22 6.1 Rom?

    Ok, I figured it out... I wasn't including Htc Shared Libraries in my ext. Thusly, I wasn't including these reg settings. [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\OEM\KeyState] "KeyVibratorState"=dword:00000001 "IgnoreUpDuration"=dword:00000000 "APPLICATION_BTN_VIBRATE7"=dword:0000001d "APPLICATION_BTN_VIBRATE6"=dword:00000050 "APPLICATION_BTN_VIBRATE5"=dword:00000032 "APPLICATION_BTN_VIBRATE4"=dword:00000020 "APPLICATION_BTN_VIBRATE3"=dword:00000018 "APPLICATION_BTN_VIBRATE2"=dword:00000013 "APPLICATION_BTN_VIBRATE1"=dword:0000000c "UseService"=dword:00000001 Before, UseService was 0 (I just changed it). So, even if I did cook it in, it would override my oem reg of 1. JJ
  5. Fa310tx

    Cook Dc22 6.1 Rom?

    Ok... I have gotten vibration working with ezinput and dc22, but I'm not sure how/why. If I use the stock rom, install "HTC M2D2.cab", then install the vibration .reg... [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\OEM\Keystate] "UseService"=DWORD:00000001 Then it works. But I haven't been able to get it work when cooking, yet. Hmmm... JJ
  6. I saw the 6.5 white theme, but is there a 6.1 white theme? JJ
  7. Fa310tx

    Cook Dc22 6.1 Rom?

    Ezinput is what I'm talking about. The original samsung keyboard vibrates fine. JJ
  8. Fa310tx

    Cook Dc22 6.1 Rom?

    Been using OsKitchen 1.25 from omniarom.com and it's been working well. I'm using a 21057 build from omniarom, too. Everything is tops, except that I can't get vibration for ezinput working, since dc22. The .reg that I used with cf03 imports, but it doesn't vibrate. JJ Edit... If there's some form of a thanks button, I'd hit it for cac2us. JJ
  9. Fa310tx

    Video Formats and Players

    I will say that, on the computer, I have to use quicktime to play videos recorded on the omnia. The easiest way to get tcpmp on the omnia is to use the phenom version. How do you know it's recording in mpeg4? On my htc vogue, it was .mp4. On the omnia, it's .3g2. I would prefer to be able to choose what codecs/containers are used, but oh well... JJ
  10. The biggest reason is software incompatibility. Because of the new start menu system, quickmenu doesn't work properly. Also, with the new start button at the bottom, quickmenu still runs from the top. Pocket e-Sword (bible program) doesn't have a close option when the close button is at the bottom. Plus, the new finger-friendly sizing screws up the program buttons so that you can't access all of them in portrait (they just barely fit in landscape). There's also inconsistency in the setting screens. Some have soft-edged tabs at the bottom, some have top arrows, and some have 6.1 style block tabs. If more programs come out with 6.5 versions, maybe I'll switch. Right now, though, I endure 6.5. I use 6.1. Plus, there are very few things that I've seen 6.5 have advantage with. There's no real attraction to the update, for me. JJ
  11. I hadn't found any stability issues with the official dc22 rom. The space issue will always be there with the factory rom. That's really the main reason I keep cooking. I stick with 6.1/m2d2. Plus, I don't have to install any programs, settings, and stuff. Also, none of the omnia m2d2 cabs that I've tried have weather on my today tab. Cooking in works just fine. The only thing that I have to do after an install is run a .reg that doesn't work in the cook. JJ Edit... Scratch the .reg thing. For some reason, the .reg doesn't work on dc22. I'm not sure if it's the new rom or my switch from vistang's visual kitchen to oskitchen. I haven't been able to get vibration with ezinput (that's what the .reg was for), since dc22. JJ
  12. Fa310tx

    Cook Dc22 6.1 Rom?

    FLASH_DC22_21057_BI14PP.bin? JJ
  13. Fa310tx

    Cook Dc22 6.1 Rom?

    I tried the newest version (1.26RC4v2). I couldn't get it to import the factory dc22 rom. 1.25 imported it just fine. I noticed on the xda thread that it wasn't listed in supported devices, anymore. JJ
  14. Fa310tx

    Cook Dc22 6.1 Rom?

    If you're cooking it just for my benefit, you can leave out office. If it's for posterity, please leave it in. I know others have posted about 6.1 roms. JJ
  15. I have noticed a problem with this program, when combined with Manila2d 2 (m2d2). When turning on the phone, m2d2 won't start until you tap the screen. M2d1 didn't have this problem and when wake isn't installed m2d2 starts just fine. JJ

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