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  1. zesteph

    Taskbar makeover

    hello all thanks at gregoria !! i put on my omnia this v3 file but i can change the start logo :excl: with this :Ph.hardwarezone.com/img/data/nnews/2008/12026/Image/samsung_logo.jpg" border="0" class="linked-image" /> but i can t do it :excl: Can someone make it, with V3 file and this logo thanks a lot
  2. Hi I m french to snif snif you say granturismo don t work :) it s only the game how decide me to buy the gamepad :D
  3. zesteph

    Bricked OMNIA

    same probleme grrr someone can help all people B)
  4. nice job :lol: i m waitingfor a french rom thanks
  5. hello the french rom add what in new features, bug fixe.. ? thanks
  6. very nice thanks a lot ;)
  7. zesteph

    French Rom for i900 ?

    hello all :D yes french forum is back, but carefull with post :angry: (normal for no problem for erwan) I have a sfr to :D is desimlock how avantage to put this rom? how many memory free after a hard reset? thanks
  8. zesteph

    unlock omnia

    me to with a french omnia network lock

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