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  1. Hi Secany, Can I request for the Win6.1 ROMS? The two available Win6.1 in this forum has one common issue. The "sound" from the speakers are extremely soft till that its hardly any sound at all. I know you dun post much Win6.1 ROMs even in the Omnia Pro section but hope you can make an exception as All the 6.5 ones are really sluggish to be used for the B7610 Tq in advance
  2. Guys, Notice that this only happens in Wim6.5 ? If you had done the tweak to Enable SMS Threading, the Wifi is gone after the soft reset...This is my scenario...The very minute u disable back the "Enable SMS Threading"...and soft reset...the Wifi is back. Can anyone confirm ?
  3. Mine is the reverse of yours. It went missing after I enable Threaded SMS. Becos of yr note that gave me this idea..I disable Threaded SMS and wifi is back. But I want my Threaded SMS....and Wifi.......damn.....
  4. Bro..it appears you know how to extract the cubic file. Can you please extract your CSC:SOIH1 as I am in Malaysia and hope to revert back to XXIH3 with this SOIH1 CSC Thanks
  5. XIJ "13" ? :D Haha...anyway..I think I will drop back to Win 6.1 H3 - Faster and Great Batt life. Now to find back the Sin CSC....
  6. Thanks monyozt....this is exactly what I wanted....I flashed Secany Win 6.5 XXIJ6 this morning
  7. Hi all, I just upgraded to J6 Win 6.5 and been trying for hours to do this. The General Fonts in today screen, SMS, Messaging is extremely large. I used to be able to go to Settings/System/Screen to change the General Font size under 6.1 to but for 6.5, the Sysyem Icon is missing Anyone has any idea how I can do this on Win6.or better if there is a tweak to get back the Native 6.1 Systems "Settings" in 6.5? Thanks
  8. Thanks..have dl b4...buts a raw dump. its not flashable by octans so its not really usable for dummies like me
  9. Hi all, I am looking to flash the new Win6.5 ROM but would like to have my original PDA ROM available so that I can revert back to should I not like it. Has anyone been able to extract the original Sin ROM to a flashable Octan files? Appreciate if you can point me to the right direction. The exisiting ROM I have is as below PDA: I8000XXIH3 CSC: I8000XS0IH1 Phone: I8000DXIH2 Thank you in advance.
  10. So whats eating you? If you are pissed, you can just shut up. Wake up! This is not a matter of bragging. There are ppl who have preferences and no matter what phone we own, we would still like to have our OWN apps that we like. I dont even need to explain to u as to WHY I prefer HTC Album Vs Samsung Album as its quite apparent you have not used one or both of these Albums. Luckily the world's population is unlike you else forums like Modco,XDA, PPCGeeks,etc would be as boing as you.
  11. Hi all, Anyone have any idea how to port HTC Album onto the Omni II? Someone at the Omnia forum has gotten the cab that works for Omnia + Omnia II (but its too small due to the larger screen) I tried HTC Touch HD Album cab but unfortunately, it doesnt launch after installation. On another note....just wondering if we can extract the Auto Rotate app from Omnia, would we be able to install into the Omnia II and make our device rotate for all apps?
  12. Coming from a HW keyboard type PDA (838pro, TyTnII) to the virtual kb type like the Omnia, its really frustrating and it would be wrong (IMHO) to think that virtual kkb can replace actual ones for speed and accuracy. Lets not kid ourselves! I love the Omnia for its speed and reliability but every day I still yearn for kb pda (waiting for Xperia). I see you TYPE a lot every day. Dun get into the same predictament like I did. Test it out first
  13. Hi all, I used to get a lof of GPS issues prior to HI2 or HI3 ROMs. So far these two ROMs are the only ones to get quick Sat lock on ( <1min). Previously, I used to fiddle with all the COM, BAUD, XTRA , etc settings to get fast lock on for Garmin/MapKing/GoogleMaps. But i noticed nothing really helps maintain the consistent fast lock-on EVERY TIME except for the above ROMs TRy out those ROMs if you are not on it and let me know if it also holds true for you too. P/S: I do understand that some GPS SW will require some settings/apps in order to work such as GPS Gate for Mapking. What I am suggesting here is for general quick lock on for SAT irrespective of which GPS SW or settings related.
  14. hi paul.can you make the sip to accept other non omnia keyboard?thanks in advance
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