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  1. I had a similar bug report for BetaPlayer lately. The problem is OS related, some keys are not restored and I can't do anything about it. I disabled the possibility of mapping the hang up key on smartphones in the latest version (Stable 0.5).
  2. Strange. BetaPlayer doesn't have incoming call detection. In fact people asked for it so the music would stop during calls, but I couldn't find a simple way of detecting calls, but the OS automatically lowers the volume and restores after call (at least on my mpx200).
  3. Another user reported problems with 16000hz too, he solved the problem by changing the audio samplerate to 22050hz. I couldn't find the problem yet, please send me a small sample avi with the problem if possible. picard [at] demoscene [dot] hu
  4. The warning is about the 'normal buffer size' in settings of BetaPlayer (player subpage) which 600KB by default on smartphones. But I guess you was tring to play much better quality movies as the phone can handle. Remeber it's computing powers are limited.
  5. It's possible something goes wrong because of the very low audio settings. I will make some samples and verify it, but in the meantime I would suggest to increase at least to 22050hz 32kbit/sec mono
  6. MP42 is for Microsoft MPEG4 Version 2. This is not suppored by BetaPlayer (only Version 3 aka DivX3). Are you saying that this file is playable with Windows Media Player and Pocket TV? That would be strange. What is the file extension?
  7. I don't know any settings in particular which should help for wm2003. Maybe try the latest test version, but to be honest I have no idea why it's slower. http://picard.exceed.hu/betaplayer/test
  8. unfortunatelly I couldn't find any open-source AMR audio codec, so 3GP files won't have audio (but video part should work)
  9. probably you downloaded the html page of the download page which should come after you click the filename on the filelist page. never the less here is a backup site for downloading: http://picard.exceed.hu/betaplayer
  10. Which one do you mean? I thought GETGXINFO was only required for X30 to avoid the crash with the original ROM. Sorry I still handle the C500 specially (with old ROM), but I use GXBeginDraw to get the address (once).
  11. Thanks! I already disable GETGXINFO usage on Smartphones with the latest BetaPlayer, it uses traditional GAPI. Hopefully it works. But this is really strange why the memory mapping change.
  12. I read you released a fixed PocketTV version for Qtek 8010. Can I ask what did you found out about the GAPI issue?
  13. betaplayer's clock calculator is not always accurate, but it should be close enough.
  14. not likely as betaplayer plugin because it's not open-source, but from what i understand the announced drivers are low level, so any program outputing audio will use them. but are you refering to mpx200 smartphone? because the omap cpu used in it doesn't have dsp part so i guess i wouldn't work. but i will check the open-source gsplayer. it has some kind of bass boost effect.
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