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  1. these are test versions for people i'am in communaction to test if a unique bug is solved or not. http://picard.exceed.hu/betaplayer/test
  2. i was thinking about a symbian port, but i happy if i have time for the wince version and even if i choose to support another platform i think palmos would be the first.
  3. please try this version: http://picard.exceed.hu/betaplayer/test
  4. did you try the mjpeg plugin with the unstable player version? http://forge.topcat.hu/frs/?group_id=5 please give some more detail if the plugin fails.
  5. i guess the player didn't lock up fully and pushing all buttons you triggered a call. please post any more information you remeber about the lock up or maybe if you can reproduce it so i find the player bug.
  6. betaplayer.smartphone.0.04.exe is a desktop PC application. are you sure it downloaded correctly? filesize: 458752 bytes? btw i would recommend using the latest unstable, there are many bugs fixed.
  7. you can get the lastest version from this backup site: http://www.exceed.hu/~picard/betaplayer
  8. i don't have much feedback with mpx220 yet. reinstall and start player. before opening a file please select null video and null audio in options menu. open a file. if it doesn't freeze set waveout audio. try playing it and check if sound is ok. if it doesn't freeze set gdi video. if it doesn't freeze set gapi or raw framebuffer which is available (probably at one step it will lockup the device). report back what happens. one more thing: right after install could you send my a dump.txt created in 'about' dialog with 'save settings' button. picard at demoscene dot hu
  9. i next release will fix it. but for testing you can check this version: http://picard.exceed.hu/betaplayer.ARM_SP.CAB
  10. please send me a dump.txt created in 'about' dialog box with 'save settings' button. thanks. picard at demoscene dot hu
  11. what happens exactly? does the timer go on title bar? i couldn't find any problem yet.
  12. the new version should work with action key too (hopefully)
  13. as the error message says please send the generated crash.txt (should be in 'my documents' directory) to the developer (me) so the problem can be found and corrected. thanks. email: picard at demoscene dot hu
  14. how did the previous unstable versions work? i got reports of backlight turning off with older version too on SPV classic.
  15. you need to application unlock the phone (de-certify) did you check this page? http://www.mitacservice.com/visitor_htm/83...380Unlock_2.asp
  16. the cpu speed benchmark in betaplayer is written by me and could be wrong (but i checked many times to make it as accurate as i can). i think it's possible that the C500 is not clocked at the maximum 200Mhz what the cpu can handle (example mpx200 is clocked to 120mhz instead of 133mhz). are there any other ways to check the real cpu clock speed?
  17. could you test to reinstall the player and check these settings one by one? i think buffer size could have the most effect, because color settings should not cause slow down, manual a/v is only shifting the audio/video sync, but should not effect speed and frame dropping, 100% should have no effect either if the video is already scaled to the smartphone size (but it will have an effect if the player has to scale a non SP sized video with 'fit screen' default settings)
  18. i don't have a c500. just got reports of problems using GAPI with BetaPlayer (but in some cases it works)
  19. i will forward your problem to the admin. i uploaded a backup copy of the latest unstable to www.exceed.hu/~picard/betaplayer but it seems the video freeze bug with c500 is not fully solved yet.
  20. i had some speed problems too, but after turning the phone on/off the speed was normal. i did this only once (didn't think it was related to the player), but now i will try to reproduce and find the problem. could you try the install, phone on/off method?
  21. the admin told me the server had some problems, but the download should be fine now (at least if you can reach www.corecodec.org).
  22. thanks for feedback. i think the video freeze is not related directly to gapi bug. there must a bug elsewhere in the player which is triggered by using gapi. about backlight light goes on: how long does it go on? is it related to the backlight timeout or it's always just some seconds? probably it has to do with the cpu load, because the player can only disable backlight timeout, but can't turn the backlight on by itself (it's done by the OS). (different problem: i'll check why xbar stops after betaplayer...)
  23. what do you see on the screen exatcly? i assume you tried turning on/off the phone.
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