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  1. lukeap: you mean the backlight turns off with video playback? that's a problem. there is an option for disabling backlight managment (on the advanced settings page) but this is turned off by default. what version was the last that worked for you? i got another backlight problem report, but i couldn't find the problem yet. what device do you have?
  2. this is very strange. i got reports of buggy display with all three versions and considering the workaround 0.04 should be flickering. with 0.090 in the first half seconds is there motion? maybe there is something else and this is not a GAPI issue afterall. anybody else?
  3. Hi, I'am tring to fix BetaPlayer's GAPI support for C500. I read the workaround by PocketTV Team but still there seems to be a problem. Could someone install and test BetaPlayer with GAPI (or Raw framebuffer which ever is available in the options menu) and report back exactly what can be seen on the screen? Please use and check all these three versions: 0.04, 0.090 and 0.091. http://corecodec.org/frs/?group_id=9 here is sample movie for testing: http://plugins.topcat.hu/samples/RL_SQB_16...x216_192_56.avi Thanks, Picard
  4. i moved the unstable betaplayer files to the betaplayer site: http://betaplayer.corecodec.org/download.html
  5. not much. it crashed probably in a system call. i found a possible problem, but not sure it causes the crash. i will upload a new build tonight.
  6. thanks for the feedback. i will check the crash.txt tonight. you can download the latest unstable from http://plugins.topcat.hu/download but i will upload a new soon.
  7. thanks for the workaround. do you think using just the GXINFO extescape code to get the information needed would work? if GXBeginDraw returns the real address then GXINFO should return it too.
  8. i tried only SP2002 and WMP doesn't go to background. it probably calls the SHIdleTimerReset function too (if i manually go to home screen the playback stops) update: there is an option for background play, but had to restart WMP. still the screen doesn't turn off. probably calls SHIdleTimerReset... maybe the time has come for an OS update :)
  9. i understand. but i can't turn the screen off. at least the function for that doesn't work on mpx200 and mio8390. but i will add an option to let the default 'screen off' timeout turn off the screen. but this solution has a problem. the audio may stutter for a while after the screen turns off. the priority settings suggested by PocketTV team didn't help (tried the highest).
  10. i don't know what happens underneath, but it's definitly in connection whether i call SHIdleTimerReset or not. thanks. i will try the priority increase. do you think i should increase it during normal (foreground) playback too?
  11. i'am not sure about the .dll files. maybe priviledged programs not allowed to use non priviledged dll
  12. i got reports of stuttering when i didn't call SHIdleTimerReset with audio playback (for a few seconds i have it too. and it's quite annoying when you start audio playback "close" the phone and after few minutes (what you set in homescreen timer) the audio stutters) i think media player calls it too. but i will add an option so the user can decide.
  13. you mean the screen doesn't turn off? or the backlight has different levels? i think the screen won't turn off completly because i constantly call a function which prevents the home screen to auto return. if it would return the audio would stutter for a while (or maybe when the screen turns off, i'am not sure anymore).
  14. it's only works with unlocked phones and unlocking is quite a security hole :) but you are right. being able to add your priv. cert. to the phone is different level.
  15. it's protected. only privileged signed application can access it. so even gx.dll is in rom, which means privileged level access (i think) the application itself won't be able to use the returned frame buffer address (SetKMode doesn't help) so the signing solution is this: you add a privileged certificate to the phones's privileged store (this is the "trick". you are allowed to add certificates to the store. so you don't have to get/buy a real privileged certificate) and use this privileged certificate to sign all your files. btw the certificate in the pack is the one used in EVC and the developer tools. and ofcourse adding the certifcate to the store only possible with "unlocked" phones!
  16. not here. i'am in talk with codecodec.org where the player is hosted.
  17. MPEG1 got IS (International Standard) in 1992 MPEG4 part-2 (DivX,XviD,...) in early 1999 MPEG4 part-10 (AVC, h264...) in 2003
  18. betaplayer.smartphone.0.04.exe is for the PC and uses ActiveSync to install the player. the other solution which doesn't require ActiveSync is to use betaplayer.arm_sp.cab on the phone (you can found it in betaplayer.cabs.0.04.zip)
  19. no donation possiblity yet :D i can't have my own paypal acount because i live in Hungary. but i'am in talk with corecodec.org to setup a paypal (sub)acount for the project. please wait with you donations a little more :P
  20. Finally BetaPlayer added to PocketPCMag Encyclpedia database (i was a bit lame to add it in last minute) If you think it should be nominated to Best Software Awards 2004, please check out the page and send a nominations feedback form. It's already nominated for PocketPC, but the Smartphone nomination is still "missing". Thanks! http://pocketpcmag.com/awards/main.asp http://www.pocketpcmag.com/survey/nominati...onsfeedback.htm update: it maybe too late for suggestion feedback, but still you can try :P
  21. so 'slow video mem' helped on the SPV1? because it didn't help on my mpx200 and if it has the same speed you should turn it off because it can cause minor quality degradation (rare), so only turn on if it helps speed. i think audio is very important. so turning off audio is not a real world usage benchmark. however for optimial playback you can use other audio settings as in the sample file. example mono with 32 or 48kbit/sec.
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