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  1. currently you can't. but i'am working on the playlist interface...
  2. hopefully soon :) it's the next major feature i'am planing (but there will be a bug fix release first)
  3. sorry no documentation yet. there is no optimal settings for all devices for everyone. buffer and drop tolerance settings are probably fine by default. i would advice to play around with the encoding settings.
  4. well i didn't do anything about the incoming call, probably an OS feature :) (i couldn't find any simple way, it would require to use authorized TAPI or similar) i will add the new test backlight code to the offical release.
  5. ops, i just realized that the audio playback in background option have some undesired effects on smartphones: what happens when you receive an incoming call. i will search for some sort of incoming call detection...
  6. i compiled a little different version (only backlight timeout effected), please test if this works : http://beta.topcat.hu/test
  7. malloc's fix worked with 0.02? how long before the backlight turns off, is it the same as in windows settings or fix 61 seconds? please send a dump.txt generated by 'dump settings' in about dialog. thanks
  8. you mean you didn't turned on 'old style toolbars' in settings? this is the way the player started in the first place? well this is a problem. i added old style (non aygshell.dll) toolbars for hpc devices. it seems somehow it detected something wrong. do you have a registry editor? add the following key: "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREBetaPlayerPLAT31" = DWORD:0 and if the program works send me a dump.txt (in about dialog 'dump settings') thanks
  9. i don't really understand. maybe some proxy issues? try direct download http://beta.topcat.hu/betaplayer.smartphone.0.03.exe
  10. good point. i will disable this option on smartphones (this is intended for HPC devices). uninstall should remove all registry entries. could someone tries this out on smartphone? set some options, uninstall program, install program and check if the options are back to default.
  11. please check the 0.03 version for backlight and home screen timeouts. thanks http://beta.topcat.hu
  12. Global Motion Compensation and Interlaced Encoding doesn't work either. (I'am not sure what is Adaptive Quantization)
  13. thanks. based on this info i googled after 'home' 'screen' 'timeout' and found the right API call (SHIdleTimerReset) to prevent it. i will include it in the next version (which is coming soon. not too much new features, but many bugfixes)
  14. @DingsDaT strange. after install 'wave output' should have been selected. @barkythedog there was a bug in earlier PocketDivXEncoder versions, but 0.3.40 should work. (there is a bug in BetaPlayer too, new release is coming in a few days)
  15. schriss thanks. i have uploaded it too, just in case. hopefully the offical server will back online soon. http://beta.topcat.hu
  16. corecodec.org is (temporarily) down. i don't know what happened. when i get home i will upload the old (0.02) version to a temporary site. (still working on the next release. i was very busy with work recently...)
  17. yeah. that error message is a tricky one :) i will definitly do something about it to show some usefull info (caused by a deadlock of input reader thread and decoding thread) are the videos interleaved? (audio stream is interleaved with the video stream) betaplayer can only play correctly interleaved files.
  18. maybe you should delete the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREBetaPlayerOPEN registry tree (or the full BetaPlayer tree) this is because uninstall doesn't delete BetaPlayer's registry entries. this will be fixed later, so uninstall/install can make a clear state.
  19. what is the nature of the problem? can it be detected so i can change to GDI by default?
  20. yes. i'am planing to add mpeg1 and mjpeg video codecs (hopefully in the near future)
  21. somehow i'am not allowed to see my private messages (it sais "Not Authorised"), please send it via email to picard[at]demoscene[dot]hu thanks
  22. i'am planing it, but i have to write my own decoder, because i'am not allowed and can't use pocketmvp's mpeg codec. i don't have the source, that plugin is not open-source. (probably this is not consistent with pmvp's gpl license...)
  23. hi everybody first of all you did a great job with the pocketmvp smartphone port, that port give me the idea to have smartphone support in betaplayer (i don't have a smartphone). could you show me the backlight fix code so i can add this to the official release? i will check out, but i heard only about floating point open-source versions (no fpu on pda). it would be hard to convert. sorry about that, this is a bug introduced in 0.02, i didn't had enough time for testing. in the next release it will be fixed. playlist is coming soon... bye, Picard
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