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  1. picard,

    for some reason, the video on my phone seems to lag under WM2003 (i have the mpx200); but when it still had WM2002, it ran fine.  I was wondering about the optimum settings for the player and the registry so that the video does not lag.


    I don't know any settings in particular which should help for wm2003. Maybe try the latest test version, but to be honest I have no idea why it's slower. http://picard.exceed.hu/betaplayer/test

  2. hi evry1... just wondering.. where can i get this program from....the file in http://betaplayer.corecodec.org seem to be corrupt.. can someone please post the cab here...


    probably you downloaded the html page of the download page which should come after you click the filename on the filelist page.

    never the less here is a backup site for downloading:


  3. So I thought it would be great to have something similar for smartphones (specifically the MX200), since the sound lacks quality and bass.

    not likely as betaplayer plugin because it's not open-source, but from what i understand the announced drivers are low level, so any program outputing audio will use them. but are you refering to mpx200 smartphone? because the omap cpu used in it doesn't have dsp part so i guess i wouldn't work.

    but i will check the open-source gsplayer. it has some kind of bass boost effect.

  4. Great work Picard i think this is the best video player on smartphone, if only it was skinnable.... :wink:  Is there any chance skin support will be added in the future?

    thanks. skin is planed, but there are so many other important features needed. betaplayer's main goal is still video playback and in this matter skin is not that important. but of course in the future i'll try to work on better music player features and skin as well, just can't give any timetable.

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