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  1. If you into Sinclair ZX Spectrum then get the Marvin spectrum emulator its awesome.
  2. Internet Explorer mobile Patch display for WindowsMobile 6.5 by `EagleDig`. Read about it follow the link, http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=804542 Download the cab from my attachment if you want. IE_Patch_Display_by_EagleDig.cab
  3. laggy

    Toshiba TG01 Just Died

    Looks like you have to go http://forum.xda-developers.com/forumdisplay.php?f=574
  4. I know this is a late reply but have you try OPERA the browser? It`s a lot better than IE.
  5. laggy

    Flashing TG01 - Custom Roms

    There is also Asia version of TG01 which have different Roms, dont flash those Roms with the europe version of devices. If you have fully bricked your TG01 there is a new method (cable flash) of unbricking it. Some times the TG01 is `picky` about which SD card you uses to flash your device try a different brand if you have problem. :)
  6. That`s the Hong Kong Toshiba rom radio new released.
  7. Thank you and its FREE as well good work!!!!! :huh:
  8. That`s incredibly useful advice, thank you!!!!!!!!!! I have been searching for that for months.
  9. Erm..........does that mean we don`t have to pay for your fantastic theme? I cant wait.
  10. Amazing stuff thank you very much :P
  11. Thank You for the links, fantastic stuff. :)
  12. It`s WVGA only, this skin is for SPB Mobile Shell 3.5.3, get it from the XDA forum link above.
  13. WINDOWS PHONE 7 SERIES BASED THEME FOR SPB MOBILE SHELL 3.5.3 Get it here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=649362 Screen Shot. Awesome looking and runs well.
  14. laggy


    Keep up the goodwork guys, the TG01 will be super phone if we have the cooked roms and fixes, maybe one day we have a iphone beater in our hands :).
  15. I think his quite famous in Asus P535 scene of modding. If he could let us have the Theme for free than that would be quite something too.

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