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  1. Good news! Yes, it is hard to root X10, but Paul hasn't give up! From Twitter: @PaulOBrien: re: X10 - still working on it... hard to say when and how root will come at this stage!
  2. Bad news...this is just in from Paul @twitter: @PaulOBrien: So the X10 has no obvious recovery partition, seemingly no user accessible bootloader and is laid out like no other Android device. Ouch.
  3. Paul comes to rescue again, very soon: :P @PaulOBrien: Now have a mountain of files and docs for the X10! Root looks possible (albeit unconventional) given time and the right tools.
  4. never mind, i'd sold my Omnia last week and now im waiting for my T-Mobile G1. :D :lol:
  5. Hi Paul, i think i've found the first bug on DTHJ5-MCR01. There is a contact shortcut icon on Samsung Today2.(yes, the little blue man icon) You can add your contact shortcuts there, and you can also slide down & up to browse the shortcuts. But the problem is you can only slide DOWN, and then you can't slide UP, you will be stuck there. Will you check it out? Thanks!
  6. many thanks to markkohfm & jeffrey2000!!!!
  7. YES! Please someone? This is just so cool!
  8. flash done! All things seem well. *a bit faster than the original HJ5 *much bigger free Storage *Shozu is gone will report back if any bug found.
  9. downloading~ :D thanks Paul! btw, my Omnia was quite good on your last rom(HJ1 custom), but somehow it can't sleep. i mean the screen are dim after 1 minute, but the device won't turn off itself after 2 minutes, the screen are still on. Only hard-reset could get it back to normal. Power settings: Turn off backlight: 1 minute Turn off device: 2 mintues I don't know if it was a bug, but i only have this problem on your custom rom. Anyway, much appreciate all your work! :lol:
  10. I get these errors too. Seems it's something from the rom HJ5, not the software because i only installed 3 apps, and they worked very well on previous roms.
  11. Thanks for your test, PaSSoA! Looking forwards to your cooked roms. :lol:
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