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  1. Feels like my arm has been cut off! :D Oh well I have had a few weeks to get used to the fact you wren't cooking anymore... What's the next phone for you then? Dare I say it, I have been getting a bit bored of my Omnia, might pop my Android cherry soon...
  2. I remember once flashing to a new 6.1 ROM and having this issue even after downloading the GPS data. the trick was to wait patiently for ages! Have you checked in IGO settings to make sure IGO can connect to the GPS receiver? If so, the only thing to do is wait I guess.
  3. I have that "problem" whenever I flash a new ROM. I find that if you go to Settings --> Enhanced GPS and download the latest GPS data then restart IGO, it will lock on much faster.
  4. AH.. All makes perfect sense now - if i was a rocket scientist... :) Oh well I am a compulsive whats-running-in-the-background-checker so no problems!
  5. Hi guys, Just wondering if any of you using v20 have this problem: When I click on the big red X on the bottom to close an app, it stays running in the background. I have checked the settings in HTC task Manager such that X should close the app, but it doesn't seem to. I didn't have this problem in v18, so wondering if I have to fiddle with something to get it working? thanks in advance for any help.
  6. More than welcome - You are kind enough to put in the hours and I think its only fair. Now take a break and have that beer! look forward to your next ROM!
  7. Hi Shokka - I was previously using v18 and now flashed to v20 - lovely stuff! Very nice ROM, and the touch sensitivity is back to being pretty good too! One minor bug and not sure if it affects others - when hitting "reply" to a text message with M2D, the reply screen comes up as normal BUT, if i read the text in the "normal" messaging then hit "Reply" it seems to hang for ages. In any event mate, I really like this ROM and a beer is on its way!
  8. Have you emptied the Deleted Items folder as well?
  9. Try SBSH Touch Calendar. On their website they have a guide on how to make that calendar the default one that windows calls on when you select a calendar link. Edit: In fact look here: http://forums.sbsh.net/index.php?showtopic=25252
  10. Hi I noticed that too and started to panic, but once i got into an area with sufficiently strong signal I was able to make video calls again, so I think its related to signal strength. Maybe 6.1 never made a check on sig strength so the button was always available </2cents> Edit: Also, make sure you have enabled Samsung Dialer skin using Advanced Config > Phone.
  11. Hi guys. Shokka thanks for your super ROM. My first 6.5 and I am not going back to 6.1 I really like your ROM and have fallen back in love with M2D :D By the way running your ROM version just previous to the G Rom you have uploaded today. but two issues I find - one, touch sensitivity seems poorer sometimes, especially if texting or entering text in the browser. Sometimes it seems to work fine like it was under 6.1 but quite often the typing seems to "lag". is this just me? second - I seem to encounter sometimes having apps closed automatically. For eg running opera, then go to menu to launch something else but then find Opera has been closed behind my back. I seem to recall reading about this being a prob on other 6.5 ROMs. Anyway not sure if I am the only one with this problem or not but thought I would highlight it.
  12. Hi guys. Something very weird happened driving to work today. I turned on IGO (needed to navigate some weird country lanes) and dint plug in anything, i.e. no car charger, no earphones etc. Anyway half way to Amersham and I noticed the little envelope icon came on! I went to the page with traffic updates there were 3! One for the A41 and one for Marble Arch, forget what the other one was. As I said, I didn't have anything plugged in but somehow some updates seem to appear. Will try again tonight to see what happens...
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