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  1. ufff, my phone is burning!!! Maybe I'll install it on internal memory tomorrow XD EDIT: Love it! Android vs. WinMobile -> Android Wins!!
  2. Hi! I used Ubuntu to make the partition (999Mb. on an 8gb. class 4 sdhc card), created an ext4 one, I pass the pink screen, but now I only see "android" on the screen, the "a" is white and the other letters are gray, I wait for 5 min. and reseted/rebooted the phone. 2nd try: pink screen, android animation (now it is moving)... waiting for 5 min... another 3 or 4 min.. Working!!!! thx. you devs!!!
  3. ok, thx. I'm not using the current beta, I'll wait for the next release.
  4. quick question, will wathsapp work on the new beta?? thx. you a lot I'm very excited with this project.
  5. Oh! man, waiting for new beta, I'm excited. what can we expect in the next release?
  6. maybe using Winhex, it recognizes Korean characters selecting ansi, but i have no idea of Korean.
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