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  1. Unfortunately, the lcd of my unrooted Desire Z device recently broke. The touchscreen is working though. Before I send the device in for repair, I'd like to back up my data (contacts, sms..) via ADB. However, USB-debugging mode is not enabled on my device. I know where to find the option, but it's difficult to get there without seeing anything on the screen. Could someone please post a couple of screenshots of all the steps to take, in such a way that I can determine the right place to press the screen to enable USB-debugging mode? Any other suggestions to tackle this issue and back-up my data are of course also welcome. Thanks in advance!
  2. I assume this is the total space? Can someone tell me or post a screenshot of the total vs available storage and program memory of this rom?
  3. Thank you for your reply. Will this work even when the data is corrupted? I do not own a memory card reader and trying to access the device by pc is what possibly created the corruption, so I'm a little anxious to try it again this way. However, I'll try to find a way to succeed at this, but any other options are still welcome!
  4. I hope someone around here can help me. This is what happened: I was using active sync and then wanted to switch to USB mass storage mode, which I tried by instantly changing the USB mode in the settings menu (of Samsung Today Screen 2) from active sync to USB mass storage. This is what went wrong: My Storage was renamed to My Storage2 and a new My Storage folder was created. I found a solution for this problem in this thread: My Storage Renamed and after a soft-reset, everything seemed to be fine. However, when connecting the device to the PC, My Storage appeared to be inaccessible. Same happened using active sync. I soft-resetted a couple of times and tried to connect to the pc again, all to no avail. My Omnia appears to have problems too finding the files on the storage card. Only a few folders are still present and a strange directory structure is created. My Storage now contains two folders named "." and "..", the first of which I cannot access. The ".." folder in turn contains the folders My device contains, including the My Storage folder, which in turn includes the "." and ".." folders, and so on! However, my files are nowhere to be found! Also, filesys.exe crashes everytime I try to access a menu or program. It all seems like the memory got corrupted, which I think can be overcome by a hard-reset or formatting the storage card, however, I lost a huge amount of files, including photos, that I really would like to get back. Is there anyway to recover the device or the storage memory? Or, more general, does anyone have an idea which steps to undertake to fix the issue?
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