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  1. Thanks very much 8lias!!! I'll make sure to split it with echostats. Just to let everyone know my PC is back up and running. So waltzb I'll properly start working on phonealarm now! ;) Also echostats and I should be setting up a new website soon so look out for that!! And we hope to finish perfecting this skin, and yeah hopefully a new skin as well! James PS. Sorry I haven't been around much l8ly, have been busy + the PC problem..
  2. Weird...? That's kinda crap...yeh must be a moto q thing I guess...
  3. Yeh, rename your ROMs. ;) Bitbank, the problems I mentioned really are happening on my Dash. Any ideas about the .smd issue?? Could you have an option to show all files in the explorer? The sound issue is not really important, and its good if you are fixing the gbc rendering but also any ideas why I cannot load or save (the options to are greyed out)?? And what do you think to my other suggestions (points 2, 6, 7, 8 9, 10 and 11 in my previous post)? I don't mind if you think they suck, would just like to know you've read and considered them. James
  4. Nope, definitely using the latest version (it was the last one uploaded in the thread by bitbank and says 0.23 in the about box)... Is saving/loading working for you, and is the file explorer picking up your .smds? James
  5. No idea to be quite honest with you?? I've used it on every phone I've ever owned and it always comes out with any percent from 1-100...? Are you 100% (lol) sure it is only showing those values? If so, I don't know what to suggest...reinstalling smartmonitor maybe?? James
  6. Larry thanks for taking on board what everyone has said, it is going to be awesome when finished! Few things for ya (I'll try to take some screen caps of what I mean if you wish).: --Display is going corrupt (not rendered correctly) when accessing the in-game menu in pokemon crystal, do you need a pic? (Apart from that gbc is almost perfect)! --When paused, it would be good if softkeys automatically got displayed so we know the menu is there (get drawn over by game). --Have you disabled loading and saving in this release?? As they are all greyed out on mine..? --It is meant to be able to play genesis files right? Because when I press open they are not recognised so I cannot test them (all .smd's in the smartgear folder). This is the main issue at the moment for me?? --Sounds in NES games is crackly. --SRAM support? --Command line support? --Since I haven't been able to load or save I haven't been able to test it but...does resetting still delete the save file?? And also I don't think it is neccessary to have reset mapped to a button..it can be gotten to from the menu and an accidental press whether it deletes the save permanently or not will be frustrating. --What method are you using to scale the images? Is it just a nearest neighbour type thing?? I'm not saying it looks bad...I'm using fit2win* on the dash and I'm happy using it, but just how much of an impact would a bilinear or bicubic algorithm have on performance? --Volume configurable from the menu as opposed to by buttons?? Would be best to just have buttons that control the game, and one to pause it so the menu can be accessed, in my opinion of course. But that way it just means less remembering of random buttons and less chance of doing things you don't want to in game. --Would be good if SmartGear could remember the volume it was last set to, instead of using the system volume each time you launch a game. Anyway great work...keep on it! Would like to hear your comments on my comments. James
  7. Well..the xml editing is easy...but if that's what's caused it then you could also just: Uninstall SkinProject OS X, and if that doesn't do it already, delete the Storage Card folder. Then take your card out and put it back in (or reboot the phone or something) and hopefully it should now be Storage Card as opposed to Storage Card2. Then just reinstall the homescreen. As long as you have your storage card in your phone it will put it on your storage card...you must have installed it without your card in...? And...yeah the cab is still in the rar, I just checked. ;) James
  8. I see, well normally it comes up with "\Storage Card" for any card put in the phone. Have you been using wm5torage? As this can sometimes have this affect of changing it to Storage Card2??? Anyway, simplest option for you is to edit the .xml. Go to "\Application Data\Home\osx.home.xml" and transfer it to your PC. Then open it in notepad and search for "path="\Storage Card"" and change it to "path="\Storage Card2". Hope that helps. James
  9. It should just work...It works fine for me, echo and it appears everyone else? I would suggest reinstalling everything perhaps?? Only other thing I can think is...do you actually have an SD card in your device?? :D Because as long as you have "\Storage Card" as a valid filepath then it should work fine??? James PS. Hard drive update - it is blatantly a hardware fault because of clicking, grinding other noises etc, then crashing, but they still haven't accepted that yet (I have a warranty)...so we'll see. In the meantime I have a temp PC solution so I should be on here a bit more. ;)
  10. Hey Larry, Nice to see you working on this again! :) Yeah I'd just say so far definitely needs a clear simple saving system. --Don't worry about auto load/save as it is just is annoying, people will know and remember when they want to load and save. --Don't make reset actually delete the save file as users might lose hours of hard work (pokemon for example! :D), just make it reset the ROM to its default state and they can reload the save if they choose. --Just have a save option and a load option in the menu - saving state like that is simpler and easier for everyone. --And having "Load/Save" mapped to one button???? What is up with that??? Just two separate options in the menu would make things a lot easier. --Also a couple of options in settings can be changed (by pressing left and right) but it is not visible (I'll post a screenshot later). --The menu I think generally needs a bit of work - have a look at pocketnesterplus for a clean simple ui. All constructive criticism :D, I've said it before it really is a great emulator and I'm really pleased your working on it again. I'll give you some more feedback when I've looked at it in more detail. James
  11. Nice ideas with the phoneAlarm and it's good to see it probably can be gotten to work...although I agree with echostats that it is all a bit messy atm. It does sound like a great plugin though and we could probably implement quite a lot...can it do bars for battery/signal etc? If so, and it is on a similar kind of level to smarmonitor then maybe we could get the icons themselves to work as opposed to having numbers by them which is less OS X like. Disappearing plugin issue - nope...if you want the dock to scroll you can only have one plugin per page - that's why there isn't more homescreens like this out there, the smartphone homescreen design is quite limited in what it can do and we are already pushing the boundaries with this skin. You could just draw the icons in the images for the dock if you wished to make the transition a bit smoother but that's about it. After seeing what you've done I think that we will definitely do a version using the plugin, so thanks for the input. I'll get on it when the PC's back up and running. Out of interest do you know what the limits are on the trial version?? James
  12. Hiya, yeah I had looked at the plugin previously and I reckon it would be able to improve the functionality of the taskbar...but it isn't free and that's gonna mean a lot of people won't be able to use the homescreen...I'll look into it and see if we can do a separate version with this plugin included (as soon as I get the PC back up and running). James
  13. Before people said they would prefer OS X names, and I feel inclined to agree now - we are making the homescreen as OS X as possible! It is the MRU plugin...it is not predefined shortcuts (that would make the rest of the dock pretty useless) it displays your most recently used applications. :) Lol, I'm having deja vu. :) Oh and in case anyone cares...I'm gonna need a new hard drive...:) (not Windows' fault - it's an old PC) :)...but don't worry all the SkinProject stuff is backed up! I should be back up and running within the week. :D James ...then I'll get that gif up.... :D EDIT: Oh and btw, incase anyone cares (again) this is now the topic with the 4th highest amount of replies in the whole of the homescreen download discussion section, despite it only having been here for less than 2 months! So thanks for your comments and suggestions, keep them coming! :D And it is also the most downloaded homescreen in the landscape section by quite a big margin :D. Thanks to everyone who has downloaded and rated it too! echostats and I are really pleased with the response and we hope to bring you more of our "LIMITED EDITION" :) themes in the future!
  14. Steeltippin: Yes, on your phone copy TCPMP.lnk from \Windows\Start Menu to \Storage Card\Program Files\SkinProject\OS X\Shortcuts, then delete 7Quicktime.lnk from the folder, and rename TCPMP.lnk to 7Quicktime.lnk and the dock will now work with the new shortcut. Sleepdoc: Yeah, that's a bummer...I don't know of anyway around it unless you can find a cab on the net...or maybe you could extract it from the exe somehow...I dunno??? Hopefully echostats can come up with something. Eruresto_Sinda: Thanks! Yeah you can delete them. :) SurferMatti: Signal strength - no, no plugin can do it (well) (apart from the default iconbar which we wouldn't want to use). And there isn't much room for a profile plugin at the moment... Cdub and BrumBrum74: Yeah all settings (bgimage, scheme etc) must be on default.. HTH And btw sorry I'm taking a while to reply, my main PC's hard drive is clicking and crashing and is currently not even booting into Windows anymore (doh!) so I won't be on that frequently for the next week or so...until I can fix it...same to echostats, sorry I haven't spoken to you for a while mate - that's why...you have a PM though. :D James EDIT: Oh and I will get that animated gif up as soon as I can...:D

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