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    SkinProject: OS X


    04/02/2007: Forgot to inlcude the Sliclock plugin in the rar!
    It is now included..

    03/02/2007: SkinProject OS X!
    The new version of OS X for landscape smartphones is officially ready for download!

    And with the new version, we bring to you a new name: the SkinProject.
    Our team members are:
    --Jamma14 - xml coder/layout designer
    --echostats - graphic designer

    And we hope to bring you lots more exciting skins in the future!

    As for this release...the new features are:
    --New graphics - looks almost identical to OS X now!
    --OS X fonts!
    --Smartmonitor battery icon changes according to battery power etc!
    --All shortcuts in the dock link to files in Storage CardProgram FilesSkinProjectOS XShortcuts, so they are easily customisable!
    --Missed Calls!

    There are probably more too, but that'll do for now.

    I'll update this topic with an animated gif tomorrow.

    Things to do for the next release (which should take less time :D):
    --Startup/shutdown screens
    --Redo dashboard design
    --Other suggestions?

    We weren't 100% happy with everything in this release but we've kept you waiting so we released it anyway! In particular Dashboard will probably be changed in upcoming revisions - but a note for how it is at the moment: The tasks are customisable - search for "Tasks" in the xml and you can edit each one!

    The filesize is slightly over 1Mb (the max MoDaCo dl limit) so you have to download this file, plus the one attached in the first post of the support topic). Read the readme for installation instructions!!

    SkinProject team

    Okay, fixed the cab file and made a few other tweaks - hopefully to fix any problems people are having.
    The cab should hopefully work with all landscape smartphones now. Please uninstall all previous versions and install the new file.

    Cab file update, now installs bitmaps to SD Card!

    First release of OS X for landscape smartphones! Does NOT need the orange plugin! :D

    Does require RJShortcut and Smartmonitor, and currently it must be installed manually.
    By the way, I apologise for the use of bitmaps but different plugins render jpegs differently and it fuined the dock. But at least I didn't use the orange plugin! :D

    Tested on the T-Mobile Dash but should work on all landscape qvga smartphones such as moto q, samsung blackjack etc.

    For all you Dash-ers out there enable your JOGGRS! This is what it was made for!
    You can download the utility HERE, honestly try it!

    I've tried to make really functional and pretty homescreen and it's a good one to impress you're mates.
    Would like to hear your feedback...:D




    To-do list:
    --Extra Screens
    --Other suggestions??



  2. Free

    Mac (c550)

    EDIT: Uploaded .hme file for you lazy ppl. :D
    Extract zip to your phone and run the hme from there.
    EDIT2: Fixed a "bug".
    EDIT3: Working on non orange phones and WM5!
    Check the first two pages in THIS thread and use the WM2003regsrvce in the zip. For WM5, make sure to read HERE as well and use the WM5regsrvce in the zip, and after installing the .hme replace the xml in \Application Data\Home with the WM5 one in the zip.

    Thanks to:
    and myself :D

    for getting this working.

    No asking for the .dll!


    ---Shortcuts to:
    -Task Manager
    -Orneta Notepad
    -Windows Media Player
    -Multimedia Album
    -Smart Explorer
    (If you have a problem with the links to any of the shortcuts they can easily be changed in the xml).

    ---Calendar Plugin
    ---Carrier Plugin
    ---Time Plugin
    ---Smart Monitor Plugin
    ---MRU Plugin

    Note that the Orange plugin is needed ie. you need an orange phone for this homescreen to work.

    I put a lot of work into this so hope it is appreciated. Enjoy! :D

    PS. Thanks for Dr Blow for helping me with the Orange Plugin. :D

    Comments would be welcomed. :D



  3. Free

    Xp (c550)

    EDIT: Now in version 2.
    With Calendar, Smartmonitor, RJTime plugins and sms and missed calls popups.

    Yo again peeps!

    Finally managed to fix a bug to make this beta releaseworthy!
    Tis like the Mac one, only with an XP style and XP shortcuts.

    I've uploaded it now as work on it will be temporarily halted for a week or two and it'll encourage me to start back on it again! :D

    This one took a lot of effort too so I enjoy hearing your feedback and suggestions!

    Currently it is just a zip so just extract the zip to the good old storage\application data\home.
    I'll prob do ya an .hme when it's final.

    O and I'll put together an animated gif when I can be bothered as well. :D




  4. Free


    First release of my first c550 homescreen, hope yall like! I must admit though, I did not create the background. The credit for that must go to Kleinweder, I just edited the xml to include some of the plugins I prefer to see on my homescreen.

    Currently all 3rd party ones that are needed are RJ Time and Smart Monitor, although I'm thinking about adding a few RJ Shortcuts in there.

    Just extract the zip, put the two cabs somewhere on your phone and install them (if you have not already installed the plugins), and put the pic and xml in Storage\Application Data\Home and select Model from the seetings menu.

    Think that's about it. O also you may see from the pic there is a 1 pix thick line of grey going accross at the moment and it seems to be at the bottom of the height attribute of the RJ Time. Not really noticeable but would be good to get rid of. Could some homescreen pro have a look at the xml and offer some suggestions??

    Thanks, Jamma



  5. Free


    Not sure if anyone else is a metroid fan, but here you are anyway.


    WMP plugin
    RJ Shortcuts
    Missed calls
    Colour changes
    System screen changes

    Check out the samus.co.uk link and check out mp2d.co.uk too ;)

    O and the when the WMP plugin is selected, the beam colour goes from orange to red, then "shoot the beam" (press the action button ;) ) to start the music.



  6. Free


    I call this UltimaScreen because for me it is the ultimate homescreen, includes all the plugins I want and need, and I think looks v nice. 8)

    The downloadable plugins it includes are:
    --Smart Monitor (as a task bar)
    --RJ Shortcuts (with a mouse cursor)
    --RJ Time (with an analogue clock)

    I haven't made it into a particularly themed homescreen because I think people will generally not use car model, movie etc homescreens if they are not too keen on the theme, even if they are great homescreens, and I want as many people as poss to have a test of the UltimaScreen :D ;)

    The zip file includes three different coloured homescreens, and everything in it just needs to be extracted from the folders and placed in Storage\Application Data\Home.

    If you wish to change the shortcuts they can be easily changed in the xml, PM me if you need help with that.

    I have only included the homescreen and a colour theme in these xmls, but if Ultimascreen 8) proves popular and people have requests for more themed backgrounds, extra screens etc. then I will be more than willing to oblige.

    I'd like to thank:
    --Confused and Hungover (borrowed and edited his background image from icons mark iii for my blue back)
    --SmartPhinger & Remy J for the great plugins
    --Dr. Blow for giving me the idea for the shadow effect with RJ Time
    --Myself for creating UltimaScreen! ;)

    Lets have some feedback people! :D



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