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  1. Hi, I used in my Blade Swedish Snow and it was no problem connecting the phone to PC with USB diiagnostic interface. After I upgraded to CM10 it is impossible windows to detect this interface. I suppose that it is not enabled in CM10. Any suggestions?
  2. slavun

    Frequent rebooting

    My symptoms are exactly the same and still no solution. With stock, Swedish snow and JB.
  3. I have exactly the same problem with crashing. Most of the times using Gallery app. I still can not find solution.
  4. Hi, I'm using Swedish Snow RLS7 on my Blade. It constantly reboots. It happened on stock ROM also. I noticed that it happened when using gallery, maps(mainly graphic apps). It is not overclocked. How can I use QXDM Pro diagnose the problem? What kind of error messages I have to search for?

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