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  1. Hi, Been having major problems with my Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 for the last few months, initially battery and phone was getting hot, slow response from screen touches, and phone rebooting, would be ok for a few days but then would start again. Symptoms started worsening and I started to see error messages like: "UNFORTUNATELY, WSSYNCMLNPS HAS STOPPED. [OK] "SYSTEM UID'S INCONSISTANT, UID'S ON THE SYSTEM ARE INCONSISTANT YOU NEED TO WIPE YOUR DATA PARTITION OR YOUR DEVICE WILL BE UNSTABLE. DIALOG BOX [i'M FEELING LUCKY]" "BLUETOOTH HAS STOPPED" "OMACP HAS STOPPED" "S VOICE HAS STOPPED". "UNFORTUNATELY THE PROCESS ANDROID.PROCESS.MEDIA HAS STOPPED [OK]." "UNFORTUNATELY TOUCHWIZ HOME HAS STOPPED [OK]" Then apps started to get deleted, I would go to check my yahoo mail or whatever and it would be gone. If I tried to re-install I would get the dreaded: "Could not install, error 110" So off it went to samsung 3 times for repair, each time it was returned in a "factory Reset" state. So after I had customised the phone it would be ok for about 24 hours, then something would get deleted, and basically the whole process above would be repeated. So within 3 days of getting it back it was booked in for a new repair. I did the usual factory reset but this time it was different, The Android character came on as normal then fell flat on his back with a red "!" above him. Then scrolling text: E:Failed to mount system (no such file or directory), can't mount system (no such file or directory). E:Failed to mount cache (no such file or directory), can't mount cache (no such file or directory). After selecting reset etc the phone only boots now to the logo screen and just hangs there., even after removing and replacing the battery The 2 year Samsung warranty expires 30th September 2014. After calling Samsung the 4th time they said they would repair again but I insisted on escalating as past repairs were useless, they reluctantly agreed to let me speak to customer relations. This resulted in me getting an email saying they wanted to perform a remote management session, I needed to download some recommended software to do that but since the phone does not boot past the logo screen that's impossible. I replied to the email with the full explanation as above and included screenshots etc. Waiting for reply. Thats where I am right now with this phone, in my opinion it's a paperweight. I am not in a position to buy a new one right now and I must hold Samsung to the warranty untill the last minute, apparently their policy is not to replace a phone until it has had 3 hardware failures. Is there anyone who has any advice on this situation re the phone problems or warranty rules?, the phrase "Wits End" spring to mind. Thanks for reading the above Dave Spark
  2. Hi Can anyone advise me here?. I have a wireless Netgear router/modem supplied by Sky, it is set up in a room at the rear of the house and connected to my computer. Unfortunately there is only a narrow corridor linking the rear and the front of the house which is the main living area. I use my Galaxy S around the house but the wifi signal always weak in the front rooms. I have been thru the channel change feature and believe I am on the best setting. I do have Ethernet cables installed thru to the from room which are connect to the sky box and my TV. Can anyone suggest the best (and cheapest) method to improve the wifi signal in the front of the house, I have looked at repeaters, range extenders, but they seems to be so expensive. I am thinking of just moving the router to the front and using one of the installed ethernet cables to link back to the computer. But would prefer a good signal through out the house. Which is a bungalow by the way. Thanks for reading. Sparky
  3. I have an HP IPAQ 4155 which I bought in about 2003. http://www.pdasupport.com/Ipaq4155.htm, it runs Windows Mobile 2003 and has Windows CE 4.2 embedded. I use Windows XP Pro on my main computer and also Activesync 4.5 to sychronise the Pocket PC with MS Office 2007. I want to upgrade to Windows 7 soon but have discovered that Activesync 4.5 will not run on Windows 7. http://www.microsoft.com/windowsmobile/en-...c-download.mspx Meaning that I would need to use Windows Mobile Device Centre (WMDC). However, as I understand, WMDC will not be any good with my device! http://www.microsoft.com/windowsmobile/en-...r-download.mspx Can anyone confirm this, or has anyone succesfully used WMDC with an old ipaq such as mine. I love this device and would like to continue to use it, but this might be the final signal to dump it. !!:D :D Thanks Dave
  4. Hi Forum! I have an HP IPAQ 4155 which I bought in about 2003. http://www.pdasupport.com/Ipaq4155.htm I have recently updated the rom to the latest v1.1 and back then I used to use the bluetooth modem to dial the internet using my sony ericsson mobile phone with Virgin Mobile. But In never used that method for years until today. This device itself works perfectly in every way with wifi and bluetooth and I am still pleased with it, even though the memory is small and the battery life could be improved. I tried today to reconnect it to the internet using my bluetooth modem and my Virgin LG KC550 mobile phone. I called virgin for assistance and their excellent customer service stayed with me for about an hour trying many settings, but to no avail. The old way I used to connect was with a normal dial up telephone number, however this has now changed to a *999# or *99#. The call tries to connect but just says that it cannot for an "unknown reason". Virgin supplied me with a command string to send to the modem consisting of – at+cgdcont=1,"IP","gotovirginmobileuk" Which I have no doubt is correct, but I still cannot connect. Does anyone have any experience with this procedure and is successfully using this system for connecting to the internet? I would appreciate any suggestions to get this working. Thanks and Regards Dave
  5. Thanks...I am looking for a unlocking site that is verified by users on here. Can you confirm that this site http://www.service4handys.de/index.php/en can unlock this phone ? Thanks
  6. Hi, I need to unlock my Samsung Omnia i900. I checked the network lock and its currently locked to Orange UK. When I insert my Virgin simcard and switch it on, I get the message: Enter Pin, (though my sim is not pin protected). Then the usual message that it can be used for emergency calls only. Does anyone have the codes unlock it or recommend the best place to get it unlocked? Thanks in advance. Sparky
  7. Yup you are right.....I checked it and I think I will go for it.......I don't think it does the voice dial but thats a small issue.. Thanks for your help:) I guess I missed that phone cos its so new.
  8. Hi, I am trying to get hold of a phone that has the following features. I realise this is a comprehensive list but many phones have most of the features already, but many don't have the office docs editing features so a Windows Mobile device would be a plus. This is an important feature for me and a stylus input feature would be a plus too. I realise the Touch Diamond comes clse except for the 3.15 Mp cam...(and no flash) but that maybe the phone I would buy...unless you guys know better Anyway, thanks in advance. GPS Touch Screen/Stylus T9 Expandable Memory (Preferably SD/Micro SD) Music MP3/MP4 Stereo Earphones radio - RDS 5Mp Cam with flash HSDPA 2g/3g Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate Wlan Bluetooth Edit Office Docs (txt, doc, xls) SMS, MMS, Email, Push Email, IM TV out functionality Organizer Voice memo/dial Built-in handsfree Regards Sparky
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