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  1. Any ideas how to connect SDHC Card reader to SGS, i don't know if using USB to USB cable it will work? Best Regards Peter
  2. Hi, is there any way to upload PIM backup file to android or convert it different format. ok, finaly i found solution i have install WM6.0 emulator and restore PIB file there, then export to not binary.
  3. sorry for asking, is there any visable difference between old and new touch panel? as i understand new one is black, old was gray, right? can someone give me some photos of both. i don't want to buy old one :angry:
  4. thanks for all your opinions, but the question now is:" is it the best choice for smartphone in europe as of now?" will it be anything better released in near future?
  5. i'm looking for some smartphone and HTC evo looks amazing. but i wonder if it will work in 3G network? can someone advice?
  6. Now i have i900 omnia, and i'm want to change it, i'm thinking about i9000. can you share your opinion and tell me pros and cons. Thanks and Regards Peter
  7. Is this Rotation server working on WM6.5 and with spb and titanium installed, i have one of the latest sector rom and it is not working. I want just confirm that it was tested with WM6.5
  8. I saw on clip inforation that annoucment will be on 15.06.2009
  9. Sector, it's very good rom, spb it's also preaty amaizing but looks that SPB is utilizing a lot of power, that my first impression. do you have same edition of ROM with M2D instead of SPB MS? PS. A long time ago i update my ROM with M2D, was there any BIG changes in M2D design and functionality? two more things: - is there any way to replace phone button with spb dialer? - how to set spb home as default/on windows 6.5 startup, I have try to install spbwatcher but its not working?
  10. Sorry i finaly find sollution on Modaco http://www.modaco.com/content/i9x0-omnia-h...n/#entry1020946 For me changing HKLM/Hardware/TOUCH and change MaxCalError from 7 to 20 works.
  11. All, Did any one face such issue with screen, when i try to align screen it continusly moving to same location, looks that i can't tap in one of the location. I suspect left down corner. see on screen. I had also problems with taping dial buttons [even in pin] i need to press few mm on left to press 7. I have reinstalled ROM, because i thought that there is some issue with it and now i need to allign screen as a first step? How can i skip this or what can i do to fix taping issue? [ I know that i can go to Service, but maybe some other altarnatives]
  12. I would like to change my system to Vista and i wondering if there is a way to do upgrade of ROM under Vista 64 now? i know that this was not possible in the past. please give me some clue?
  13. i leave my omnia for a while bacouse i bay ps3 and now i'm back and want to know if there is a way to update ROM on windows vista now?
  14. you can used resco explorer and there is a option to overwrite
  15. Sector, very nice but i see that landscape dialer buttons looks like orginal, is it mistake? I have already ask question to microsoft http://forums.microsoft.com/MSDN/ShowPost....13&SiteID=1 and i hope i will get some answers? i have found also some nice documentoation for WM for developers, but i don't find any info regarding dialpad fonts. http://msdn.microsoft.com/pl-pl/library/bb847935(en-us).aspx
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