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  1. Nice to hear you are happy with iOS4. I must say tho, your O2 issues, as some others have pointed out already may be just on your phone. I've never had a problem with Exchange connectivity or certificates. Exchange just needs to be setup correctly. I have WM 6.5.x, iPhones, and droids on Exchange and they are all performing without a glitch. No cert issuing. Push is fast. And my gmail accounts on O2 along with my business mail runs smoothly set at different schedules. Never had a problem with tethering my O2. Camera/flash - I believe there's really no comparison. Samsung's camera technology is fantastic. Crisp clear images. I normally have flash off as it gets in the way most of the time. 720 HD vid, great on the O2. As ray1234 mentions already Swype... omg... how cool! This has to be the best keyboard I've used. But, this type of thing is purely subjective. chokia, it's good to see you are happy with your phone. We'd be in a state if there were no competition and no choice of unit a person can use. However I just wonder if you upgraded your O2's system at all as doing so has made significant difference to the standard WM6.1 or the first 6.5 and 6.5.x updates that came out.
  2. hi toejams I'm on Telstra with my O2. Mine was purchased outright and haven't been bothered getting them to put it on NextG as they do have standard 3G also. I'm using XXJH2 (6.5.3) custom build using either of the customs you shouldn't go astray unless they specifically state another language solely. The custom I used is this one from Twu2 and Gary Crutcher's are always good custom ROMs (they also have other lite 6.5 ROMs too... but I'm a 6.5.3 fan :) ). You won't go wrong with any of these. But there are other cookers doing great work. My suggestion is to read those two threads, see what features you really want in your lite ROM. Choose from there. Have a read of the other 'how-to' threads too, and they will definitely answer all your questions about flashing and which selections to make when using the tools. There are a couple great threads to step you through so have a browse - this forum and its community is great to say the least. A ton of helpful people. They just ask to read up first as there is everything you need already there :) O2 automatically see's the SIM and asks you if you want to accept the auto settings for it - select YES, and Telsta's SMS, MMS and other items will be set. The only thing you may have to do is change the Regional Settings after flashing to English (Australian). You're good go mate - hope this is some help. Cheers
  3. On the subject of Tomtom... I wonder if anyone has a solution to the maps being shown in greyscale? The map colours have been selected to be other than greyscale yet continue to show that way (v9.917) cheers
  4. Thanx wakakakakakaka (do I stop now?) :P Appreciate your help, although I don't believe it has to do with the dialer. It is specifically for the simple pin code for Exchange syncing. I'll live with it for the time being. I have confirmed over the last few days of using (or more to the point, not using) the phone that version H2 does seem to have a problem with battery life. In the next week or so I'll rebuild using the G2 build and give that a shot.
  5. hi Seeing as Twitter has changed their authentication processes, I wonder if there is a new Twitter version available?
  6. twu2... Thanks for a great lite H2 ROM. Normally I only use the full version releases but thought I'd try out yours... very smooth and responsive. I have email connected to our Exchange servers and hadn't had an issue with it but I wonder what component do I need to install to regain a better looking keypad (at the moment the one available is very bland). I've also noticed that there are times that I get prompted twice for the security code which hasn't happened before. Do you, or anyone else have a solution for this? Again thanks for a great ROM and appreciate your work twu2 (for diagnostic purposes, I used the eboot, phone and csc from the full version of EEH2 when flashing my phone). Cheers
  7. Sorry for taking a while get back to you Gunnar, I've been at a TechEd Conference. To answer your question, yes I used the firmware from this thread JE3 (JE5 Update) and to be sure of a clean build I flashed EBoot too (some have said in this forum to only flash this part when necessary. Seeing as the handset wasn't performing correctly I'd say that warrants flashing Eboot (but I do mine most time and without any issue). This particular ROM is not cooked and customised so it has everything that is normally included with ROMS, including a multitude of languages included in the CSC. It's running very nicely for me, although I am noticing slightly more battery usage. -Crystal Reports- Gunnar, I feel your pain! :huh: I like terming that pain as simply 'Head-Desk-Head-Desk' - good luck with that ... Cheers
  8. Thanks Gunnar for your suggestion, appreciate it. Although, the firmware shouldn't act in this way and it got the better of me. Before I threw my phone against the closest brick wall I decided do a full, clean rebuild... My config is now; PDA: ...NXXJE3 CSC: ...XEUJE5 PHN: ... XXJD1 It's purring along now and it's retaining registry changes etc. Thanks for you help anyway. :huh:
  9. I have to agree with Omega Ra and Gannar, both bring up valid points. I'm currently at TechEd 2010 in Australia and yesterday we had the keynote with Windows Phone 7 featuring. I'm quietly (well not so quiet here), confident MS have gone the right direction with WP7 as it has some outstanding features that integrates seemlessly into 'lifestyle'. I for one will be waiting till the end of the year to get Samsung's WP7 offering. There is a great deal of potential from what I can see sprouting from MS's new mobile OS. Camera is one of the features buy a phone for as well as GPS - and Samsung make a kickass camera which outguns the competition - hands down (IMHO). Samsung have grown so much in their innovation and hardware design of components, no wonder they are the suppliers of CPU chipsets and audio chips of other companies such as Apple, and screens for other other mobile companies. I like my O2, yes there are things that I'd like to change with it, but what handset is perfect. With forums such as this with dedicated users cooking and putting the time and energy into customising the OSs which are available, it's only just made things better all round. Thank you guys for your contributions. Each person has their own tastes, and I'm personally looking forward to what's ahead. Echo30, I feel your frustration. My suggestion is to wait a couple months - if possible. Scope out what WP7 has for you, and at the very least you can get the latest of what the Droids have on offer. Bide your time :huh: Thanks for sharing...
  10. Hi Could someone that has flashed this version give some feedback its stability, operation, and if there are any other changes that are evident? Cheers and appreciate it...
  11. Hi My i8000 is running 6.5.3 (PDA: JE3, CSC: JD5, Phone: JD1), and my backlight is dimming at an annoying 7 secs. Changing the settings using the Backlight option to 30secs or longer works for a while but it reverts to 7 secs again after using the phone. Using SKTools Registry Editor and modifyng the batterytimeout for the backlight from 7 to 30 and either performing a soft reset or switching the phone off then on again the registry changes aren't being retained. I wonder if anyone has had similar experience and a solution? Thanks....
  12. All the info about firmware and ROMS you can find here... i8000 Omnia II GSM ROM Discussion section. You just need look a wee bit more... :angry:
  13. I enjoy my O2... My main reason for buying this handset (which is always comes down to individual taste), is it's an all-in-one unit. The MMedia side of the device was my drawcard. I liked the very good quality camera (after hours of research personally, I found Samsung's to be the best on market). The only reason I would change is if a similar quality device is released that has 8Mpx camera, and projector (which there seems to be a contender now available). The screen quality is outstanding killing most of what was on the market at the time and still rates highly against new models. Xvid/Divx inbuilt capability - something I want as I'm flying a lot and watch many things while in the air, and have access to up it to TV sets. Sound quality is very good - knowing that Samsung itself uses the same audio chip as they make for Apple's iPod/Phone etc sits well with me. Modaco's community is outstanding. The level of free community support, developing only adds to the quality of the device. A sincere thank you to all who contribute freely to this forum. Plus many other areas - overall I've been happy and will stick to O2 for the time being. There are only minor areas I would like to see fixed either in a cooked or released ROM. I'd like to use Samsung's SMS skin but there is no way to prevent (I've tried every way available to me), to stop the 'SMS sent' notification. The only way of killing it is to remove the use of the mms.dll. I know, it's something small, but I would rather white on black than the default as I personally find it easier to read this way and would theoretically use less power (white on these screens drains power, black if off).
  14. I'm able to access my camera too, but only the camera. Once I close it S2U2 reverts to being locked. Try installing the latest S2U2 version, 2.41.
  15. Soon hopefully... (6.5.3) See the "official" word that was reported by SamsungHub. I hope this answers your question.
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