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  1. Ok after 2 years my OmniaII started to show terminal symtoms like bluetooth tethering failure and camera button malfunction, the phone finally rest in peace and never wake up. So i quickly grabbed a new phone before i face similar fate like my old phone. Now my mobile health is improving with the new iphone 4 (duh) and i like to share or rather bust some myths regarding the iphone. These are what i found after 2 weeks with the phone. (positive and negative) Good Points Myth 1 - None or poor Exchange support. IOS4 has the best Exchange support, i cant believe it myself, mail from my company 's exchange server works better than WM6.5. I dont have to install certificate at all. The phone does it automatically. The push email is more faster than any windows phone can "push". And handling other emails (streamyx mail, hotmail, gmail etc) is a breeze with very nice interface. Seriously im still in shock.:eek: Myth 2 - Poor tethering support I cant believe that IP4 tethering is so easy. Just plugin the cable or connect with bluetooth and you are connected to the net. Compare to WM, i have to open an app called Internet Sharing to enable tethering. And the speed really blows me away. Never in my mobile life my phone can connect with the 3G network more than 1Mbps, with Iphone 4 my connection is >2Mbps. This is more than my home broadband connection. Double Shocker! Myth 3 - Safari never as good as Opera Mobile and Skyfire Yes i agree Safari doesnt support flash, but i have never done so much with mobile browser before with other OS than the Iphone. I paid all my bills, transfer money with paypal, shopping stuff from ebay. It is so much easier due to stable keyboard, memory handling, web form-handling of safari. Never done all these with opera mobile and skyfire on WM before. Myth 4 - Double LEDs flash is brighter and better Busted. I cant believe that Iphone 4 small LED is few light candles brighter than my omnia II double LEDs. This is a real shocker! And it works great on capturing video in the dark. Myth 5 - Most of the Apps are crap. Busted. I have replaced most apps that i usually used for my Windows phone namely facebook, google maps, yahoo messenger,solat time, online radio, wireless keyboard etc with those from Apps Store. To my surprised they're all so redefined, with proper notification and beautiful interface. Integrated well with the phone system with extra functions. OMG who could expect yahoo messenger can video call like a desktop with video quality is so so good and clear even without wifi. Shocker! And that doesnt stop there, there are tonnes of apps that i only dream having in WPhone made available for Iphone especially local stuff like local Tv and radio, local flight, traffic camera, local cinema showtime and seat booking. Now the bad one Myth 6 - Jailbreaking is everything Ok i did jailbreak the phone to ensure that my Wphone's lifstyle and legacy of getting free softwares and customization can be continued with iphone, but i was wrong. Cydia is just another marketplace with tonnes of apple unauthorized apps that are not free. SHOCKER! Im surprised to enable 3G video call and Wifi tethering, you have to pay for it? What? Oh come on, the name already jailbreaking? Hello The jailbreaking have so many versions until it took me a while to choose which one to install and with so many steps (2 second press this and release this button then 10 seconds hold this button) OMG anyone can screw up and brick the phone (it took me more than 10 times to get it right. This is so different from replacing ROM in Wphone which is less hassle. And it wont be permanent. Once you update the phone using Itunes the jailbreak will break too. Which is a good thing if you dont need cydia vaginalis (bacteria in pussy is clamydia vaginalis, this is her cousin) in your phone. Myth 7 - Voice Control is amazing BUSTED: Microsoft Voice Control from the ancient era of Windows Mobile is way advanced than the voice control in the Iphone. You cant even get the command right and it doesnt confirm with you the voice command but straight away executing them. Ended up i was mistakenly calling wrong people these few days and keep apologizing. I know you can voice to text (mail and sms) with Vlingo but the app is not free. I wonder when exactly fully functional google voice will be available for the iphone. Then i review again this function. Myth 8 - Iphone camera LED is the best yes i agreed with the above statement but all my videos and pictures shot with flash on causing red eye effect to everyone. My nite photos and videos involving human looks like it was a party of vampires. Myth 9 - Iphone can do cloud computing I still doubt that the paid MobileMe is as good as Microsoft MyPhone which is free, dispersing every data on your phone including your sms, contact, calendar, photo, video, files fragmenting to thousands servers in the world so that nobody can read it and give it back to you when you needed them. Sync with google mail? i dont think so. Myth 10 - Google Service for the Iphone will not make you buy Android phone Until someone successfully port Froyo or Gingerbread onto Iphone 4, good android features are just for android phones. Im looking forward for triple booting iphone with android and wp7
  2. 1. Just tried still no luck 2. Not working, you click once the toggle will not On the wifi, click one more time, it goes disabled (greyed) after very long time processing but the wifi is still not connected. Really difficult to connect and disconnect wifi with this ROM This ROM doesnt need touch player, Daskalos has included a nice skin for wmp (CubeWMPlayer). What we need to do is use the "Advanced Config" app to associate *.mp3 file and other media files with it. Anyone using VOICE (microsoft voice command) to select music by artist , genre or album definitely use WMP coz other player doesnt work with mvc
  3. I cant afford to loose the beautiful(yet ancient) honeycomb menu for 10MB of RAM. :) Anyway few things perhaps you can help to fix to make this ROM perfect:- 1. Facebook Tab freezes 2. WIfi Toggle not working 3. To render those mentioned TAbs in landscape (fyi: Rapid's Twitter tab renders nicely in landscape mode) 4. Bluetooth icon seems redundant (look at the screenshot above)
  4. ALL TABS IN LANDSCAPE Document Tabs, Manila TV and TWitter are not properly aligned in Landscape
  5. Ok after few days i found more discrepancies - facebook tab freeze if you have many friends, have to restart - RAM drop to 40MB++ for sense to completely loaded if you have completed all the tabs with you liking (fill all the empty link, favorites, url, stock, tweeter, facebook) - Document tab will display "SD card is full or missing" if you install HTC network cab or you set view network share in File Explorer using SKtool or Advanced settings.
  6. If that's true then the camera should work immediately after reflash where no other apps installed, but no.
  7. Ah s*** now this problem happen to me, my camera button can fire the camera but press the shutter to take picture nothing happen. HELP! I already HARD RESET TWICE the problem is still there
  8. Speed definitely faster than my previous ROM Performance 1. + Stable orientation, u put the phone in landscape it stays in landscape (it is like Omnia1 all over again) 2. + Voice routing with MVC via phone mic and headset works better without having to repeat command even while driving 3. + People tab integration with facebook - Wifi and 3G on/of toggle inside HTC Comm Manager is not working properly
  9. my normal s9 was kaput due to my negligence when i wore that thing straight into sauna and steamroom after gym. Now with S9HD i try not to do that anymore. Battery tends to drain out if you leave it unused for few weeks. In the box it does state that the unit can only be charged for 400 times. I used S9HD for 2 years already i lost count how many charging ive done and the unit is still kicking. I still use it regularly, especially to test bt voice routing after flashing new ROM. Anyway it is dirt cheap now, n1wireless sells it for only $34.99 I bought mine from them too last time with higher price. But moto has just released s10-HD, so im looking forward for that, once my s9HD kaput http://www.motorola.com/Consumers/US-EN/Co...la-S10-HD-US-EN
  10. Ok that cab really a saviour, now i can connect to internet via wifi and 3G. Thanks daskalos Another thing i want to feedback is, If you messed around Personalized Home Screen tab , tab arrangement or enable more tabs like footprint and manila tv, stocks and tweeter.......the Document Tab will be gone...as matter of fact there are no footprint tab and manila tv tabs as they're opted under Personalized Home Screen option plus there is no Call History option but the Call History Tab is visible on the manila tab So weird. How to make Document Tab, Footprint Tab and Manila TV Tab visible?
  11. 1. Internet doesnt work i cant get the data connection to work (so my location, facebook, twitter, facebook, IE etc that connected to network dont work) but surprisingly internet sharing is working well After i added manually my network, it doesnt appear on the list. 2. Gyrator works but screen rotates crazily The screen rotates to mirror position from actual. 3. S3Clock works But Manila freezes at 1Ghz and 980Mhz like other manila as well
  12. I thought the white box issue was prehistoric and extinct similar fate to timebomb. Few cooks already had that fixed from their sense roms back then. Shouldnt be so hard right?
  13. I think what we need is a phone with the highest spec'ed hardware and able to port multiple OS (IO4+Froyo+WP7+WM6.5.X)
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