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  1. Hi The step by step instructions are on page 1
  2. You need a registry editor try this one it is free: http://www.phm.lu/Products/PocketPC/RegEdit/
  3. Here is the way to debrand from Orange using Vista upgrading via XP is slightly different you need the Samsung modem driver. I have sent you a link to a website which I used and the following is from there. Very useful tips there. I am jonflit user on that website. http://www.samsung-omnia.org/rom-discussion/successfully-flashed-branded-orange-version-bvhh1-to-mshj1/ 1. Go to the website:Xhttp://www.samsungmobile.com/support/omnia/index.jsp.Phone: i900XXHI5 2. For the version check enter the following version MSHH1 you will then be able to download the official MSHJ1 updater. 3. Edit the following registry key on the Omina HKCU\ControlPanel\Version\CustomVersion to MSHH1 (The original keys value on mine was BVHH1_HH1 I just altered it to read MSHH1_HH1) Check this setting has been stored by using the version checker in Start\Settings\System This is where I had to create the \CustomVersion folder in the Version folder then copy across the values and then change to MSHH1_HH1, when I check in the version via settings\system mine still read BVHH1. I was advised also once changing the registry to turn off phone for at least 20secs. 4. Run the official updater. If all goes correctly you should end up with the following versions: PDA: i900XXHJ4/MSHJ1 Phone: i900XXHI5
  4. I used the official from Samsung. Works great. Got SPBShell running. Hope it works.
  5. Can't believe how poor the Orange Branding is................................... So glad mine's gone.
  6. Hello All Sorted, i created the CustomVersion Folder and copied the values from the Version Folder. But still nothing when checking through start/settings/version still BVHH1. Thought i would start the Vista Firmware Update Official up and it updated in no time, also no Orange Branding.
  7. Can anybody help i've an Orange Branded Omnia with Version PDA: i900XXHH1/ PHONE: i900BVHH1. I have read on other forums regarding the Editing the following Registry key on the Omina HKCU\ControlPanel\Version\CustomVersion to MSHH1 (The original keys value was BVHH1_HH1 altered it to read MSHH1_HH1). When i check the registry on my Omnia i have no \CustomVersion folder or an values in the Version folder. i have tried to create the |CustomVersion and add the values but when i check as per the instructions which to use the version checker in Start\Settings\System its still i900BVHH1. Has anybody any ideas as want to remove the Orange Branding.
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