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  1. Update it finally flashed everything is crashing will try a wipe and flash again.....
  2. Hi All, My phone decided to put itself into an infinite reboot loop today for no reason. It was running Android Revolution HD 31 fine before this point (S-On). I could not get it to start so I wiped in recover and tried re-flashing, and it rebooted during flashing I have tried uploading smaller roms to it, but it reboots during the adb sideload or adb push, so currently I am stuck, I also download the RRU but it does not detect my phone Any help would be much appreciated!
  3. Hi All, I understand that the GS II like the last one has no notifications LED ;) With the previous one though I read that the was a way to get the touch buttons to pulse, its there such a thing for the GS II please?
  4. Anyone got one they can recommend looking to get this phone next week ;) Still want a screen protector as apparently Gorilla Glass is not quite as good as it seems :P
  5. Hi all gonna replace my HTC Desire its been great and I am keen to stay with this size device. What would people recommended? The LG seems good but its froyo and I don't really want to go back from gingerbread. Currently running vanilla gingerbread so be happy if I can just run that. Any suggestions would be much appreciated :) Thanks
  6. Hi Paul apologies this is slightly off topic, from your tweets you seem to he liking this device and I am pleased to see your making excellent progress with root and custom roms.! My question is how does this compair to a HTC device? Been using them for years and currently on a desire but the new ones are a bit meh..... also I like this form factor I don't want to jam a giant device in my pocket ..... anyway you thoughts on this will be appreciated.
  7. Hi all, The X10 mini pro has developed a really weird problem. Video that it had recorded (and all subsequent video recorded) plays back green? It did this on 1.6 and I have now upgraded it to 2.1 (still does it) then I did a factory reset and the problem is still there If I play the video on the PC its fine, also the preview 'thumbnail' shows it as fine.... Also youtube and the preloaded videos such as introduction etc playback fine Any body got any ideas please it is driving me mental :rolleyes:
  8. Nice :lol: If your putting in this bit of eye candy, would you like to add my low battery image? (the plug bit is from a N1 sorry I can't credit the author as don't know where it originally came from, though I added the HTC Desire)
  9. Tried r8 this morning and it broke album art for me, (was an over the top update from r7). So I rolled back to r7 which seems to of broken the superuser program :D this means i can use clockworkmod to restore my nandriod back up. Oh well will have to run it from the pc tonight.
  10. Hi all, I did post this in the MoDaCo Custom ROM for HTC Desire with Online Kitchen as I am currently running 3.1 but it soon got lost in the massive thread. The issue I have is that my contact pictures do not update from facebook, it works fine the first time but does not update from then on which I find pretty annoying (it even worked on my WM HTC touch diamond 2.....) I have tried not touching the Facebook for android program, and also tried updating it to the latest version neither seems to help and it is is stuck not updating. Does anybody please know what causes this or what a fix is ?
  11. Using 3.1 I don't have the sync bug but my contact photos are no longer updating from facebook anyone got a doc for this please? I have a feeling the android Facebook update broke this, I un installed but sync is still broken :-(
  12. Hi all, How people report on the physical size of the omnia II please? I have run size comparison tools etc but nothing compares to actually having the device in your hand (or pocket). Just wanted some opinions Cheers :)
  13. Any one know the UK release date yet?
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