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  1. Hi dude, How are you? Follow odin instruction and flash the XXKW9 version will solve your problem. After that you can flash this KL2 as PDA only. Hold vol down + power on to enter download mode.
  2. Thanks Paul. You can upgrade to I9250XWKL2 version now :)
  3. PM me your phone's IMEI number and I'll let you know.
  4. Your friend are correct. It's just region build. But region build is for region AND carrier request, and some minor bugs and process are different. So even with same build date, you might find one better than another.
  5. Ah my typo :o sorry :( You're correct. It's XXKK1.
  6. No. It's newer. There is another build on 29.Nov as well.
  7. Oh, it's OK to use superboot r3, but DO NOT use Paul's UI patches, even 30.Nov version. It's not compatible with this XW firmware and will make all buttons disapperar.
  8. 7.Dec: - Update to I9250XWKK9 same ITL41F , build date 29.November.2011 25.Dec - Merry Christmas. I9250XWKL2 ICL53F Hi, Here is i9250XWKK8 firmware with XXKK1 radio. Build date: 24.Nov.2011 11:41:32 KST (From build.prop) PDA Build: ITL41F It's NOT the ITL41F that you guys are using. You guys using is XX , while this one is XW . I, myself was using this one since 25.Nov till few days ago and confirm that it fixed volume problem, and for me, this XW is lots more stable and battery is better than XX version. (Well, don't ask me why I said "till few days ago. I'm still with XW, but on newer December version) Ah, you can use with XXKK6 radio as well. No problem at all. CAUTION: (PLEASE, I BEG YOU SPEND FEW MINUTES TO READ IT AT LEAST TWICE) - READ THIS. READ THIS. READ THIS. - BACKUP your internal storage. BACKUP your internal storage. - Package contains bootloader, please don't flash it if you don't know what it for. - Flash to this will completely delete all your internal storage. So backup with CWM, backup with Titanium, and copy to your PC before flash. - Make sure battery is at least 50% - Make sure do NOT unplug your phone while it flashing. (Bla bla bla........ ya ya, I know I know you guys is not amatuer). Link: - ODIN and partition file http://www.filesonic...file/4116481164 - i9250XWKK8 Part 1 : 100 MB (104,857,600 bytes) http://www.filesonic...file/4103908124 Part 2 : 67.1 MB (70,444,481 bytes) http://www.filesonic...file/4103908134 -i9250XXKK9 Part 1 : 100MB (104,857,600 bytes) http://www.filesonic...file/4116445734 Part 2 : 62.4MB (65,437,696 bytes) http://www.filesonic...file/4116445774 -i9250XWKL2 Part 1 : 95.7 MB (100,431,872 bytes) http://www.megaupload.com/?d=CBWO5EO2 Part 2 : 69.6 MB (73,061,991 bytes) http://www.megaupload.com/?d=IY1QG55Z
  9. secany

    Possible Bricked Galaxy Nexus

    As long as it detect the phone in download mode, you can use ODIN and tick repartition. PS: Have a look on this forum today.
  10. secany

    Possible Bricked Galaxy Nexus

    Try hold vol down + power on then connect usb cable and check if pc able to detect the phone? If yes then easy to fix. If not then I recommend you try another usb port / another PC, if still no good news then warranty is what you need to consider.
  11. secany

    Galaxy Nexus - low volume

    You can can try Volume+ It's really working.
  12. Paul, long time no see :) How are you? I have filesonic already but want to support modaco by signup for modaco plus, do have any other link? or an account that accept donation? ;)
  13. confirm the alternative way working. And it's easiest. Add: have to turn on 1-click setting on mobile: try to purchase any free app, then it will ask for that, just click the link,put ANY mobile number with +1 like +17537483535 then press turn on and done :D
  14. secany

    19 Nov r14: VISIONary + one click root

    Test on Desire HD 2.37 - NOT working :D
  15. Hi, focus has A-GPS , so I suggest you to connect to Wifi / 3G Data, then stand in a clear skyview and wait for couple mins.

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