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  1. HTC will be doing a N1 with Sense UI which should fix the N1 bugs (but I am not a fan of HTC who only seem able to do good body work!).
  2. Just make sure that the black box that it is packed in has not been opened but that could be a difficult thing to do if you want to "see before buy" (unless store has a demo phone for you to play with).
  3. Another review here http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/reviews/201...-one-review.ars Not too bad overall. Only problem is that the writer does not have the "I want it to behave like my PC + PMP + tablet + ebook reader + xbox + wii +++" expectations of some here. :) Maybe the best way is for somehere to get the N1 and then do a comparison with the O2 ??
  4. Credit to Apple for kicking the other manufacturers into doing something substantive instead of a minor additional feature each year. But should the iPhone be used as a basis for comparing everything else out there ?? NO! It has its place and has completed its mission.
  5. Its a great phone / pda / pmp etc All the "problems" mentioned above are just nit-picking imho. I could demolish each of those comments. NO phone is 100% perfect but O2 is pretty close.
  6. There a still a number of unanswered questions about the N1 - camera picture and video quality. - speed of satnav fix and availabilty of good 3rd party GPS apps. Google maps is fine but I am sure that not many would want to have an always open internet connection to be able to use it. - multi format media playback support like with Touch Player which can playback almost any format.
  7. I don't get it ... this fuss about multi-touch. Surely a phone device is intended for use with one hand and one can hardly multi-touch without using the other hand. So what is the point ? Just because the iPhone can and so every other phone must ? Now with the UK almost shut down by the weather, perhaps those who have it can try using the capacitive out in the cold with gloves on! Nice to have, but I just don't get it!
  8. Samsung Omnia 2 apps (in Korean) http://img.kr.samsungmobile.com/img/produc...ne/popup_1.html Party Master (installs to My Storage) http://down.kr.samsungmobile.com/uploadimg...Master_M710.cab Happy new year everyone.
  9. Fine first app. Only issue is the flashlight - works first time app is run, but close app and restart and flashlight does not work anymore. Small suggestion ; Compass itself does not need to be so large and some parts of the screen could be used for other info. Also the North triangle would be better if it was coloured differently. Thanks for sharing the app.
  10. As others report - RSS Feed does not list any items, tapping the empty space leads to the RSS reader, so is essentially just a shortcut. Anyone have it working as it should ? Thanks
  11. IL5, English. Used dunknow's cab. Works really fine. Only if we could change the background then everything will be just perfect. Thanks wes58, powser and dunknow
  12. That is what I meant. Everybody wants an ultralite and then everybody comes back and wants their favourite ss apps! Cooks would be better off with this approach. Less bugs too.
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