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  1. Guys, where can I find the modem vista driver (as I have win 7)? I've looked in so many places...
  2. Central was updated today...seems to have fixed everything for me!! ;)
  3. PS. Rik if you bought it twice, can I have one of your codes if they don't refund you? ;) Joke PPS. Live Local Search is now available and FREE!!! http://www.alk.eu.com/copilot/localsearch Of course it doesn't seem to work for me because my build doesn't support it and I'm stuck with my gorgeous HD2. Blimmin ALK
  4. Actually there could be a problem there. He has an HD2 and as yet, they refuse to allow HD2 users to upgrade YET. (something to do with Pinch 2 zoom and other HD2 features not in other builds apparently). IMO a huge ALK cock up allowing HD2 users to purchase upgrades, but not allow them to install builds that allow them to operate!! Complain ASAP Rik, maybe they will release an updated version quicker now they've gone and put themselves in this position. I can't even see the TTS option on my central GRRRRRRR. My CoPilot account seems to be cocked up. (I upgraded from 7 which I got with an old 02 HTC phone). When I log into central, there's nothing available to buy, but when I log out I can see TTS, Traffic, etc. However It won't let me buy things unless I'm logged in. Catch 22 I hear you cry? Well....yes. Any ideas what I can do short of crying at ALK support?
  5. Werid. My HD2 pops up with a "Are you sure you want to send a blank message" when I try to send without typing. You must have a 'challenged' HD2 :)
  6. Me too! Bought it, installed it, love it (active version)!
  7. Yes of course, you can indeed!! :) http://www.modaco.com/content/leo-leo-moda...utility-nodata/
  8. Very simple - it was through calling O2 retentions and pretending that I was going to leave for Vodaphone. At first they wanted me on 24month, £100 phone, £35 pm for all of what I ended up with (that was via upgrades). Using the retention service allowed me to have the device free, 18m and £30 pm. If you're not an O2 customer at present then you have no chance of getting this deal. If you are and out of your contract period call them now (dial 202 from your phone) Devices arrived in stock last Thursday, and in shops on Monday/Tuesday for O2. I can confirm that O2 have left it alone - only to install an O2 start up screen and wallpaper :)
  9. Does anyone know where I can attain copies of the block and letter recogniser SIP's for me to use on my Omnia?
  10. pShutXP never shuts the Omnia off, even on a official ROM. It just works for turning off the screen and resetting. If you want to turn the Omnia off, hold down the top button for two seconds :)
  11. Just ordered mine with o2 on the phone. Arrives tomorrow or Monday YAY! Free phone, 18mnths, £29.83 p/m, 600mins, 1000txt, unlimited broadband. Bargain! :)
  12. As I understand it, none of the carriers will be branding the HTC phones from now on in (not in the UK anyway).
  13. Could you be any more unhelpful? Anyway... It took me a while to figure it out too Paul and there's no need to install any other version that the one pre-installed. Try this Menu|Search|Type "London" for example and press "ok" It will find London and all you have to do is press the button at the bottom that says "See results". In there is Get Directions, Street View, Save as Favourite, Send as Text Message and Search Nearby. Obviously, click 'Street View'. Just did it on my phone and it works fine :) Good luck.
  14. Mate, I'm doing the same as you. After owning an Omnia for about 10 months now, it's time to say goodbye. After approximately 100 flashes of various ROM's, the HD2 has taken my attention and the Omnia will be retired to a draw (as a back up phone). It's a sad month
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