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  1. hi, i've got question bout touch player. i don't really explore the touch player much. can anyone give me a tips/trick for Touch player, - how to add a whole folder to playlist ? - creating playlist .... - add many many many files from many many folder at once... must i add one by one using the edit mode ? this is so annoying. is there any other way ? (sorry, this is my first time using winmo or touch player :lol: ) Many thanks.
  2. Hi pda512, read the bobobird post on my thread, it worked for me, you should try... :lol: Many Thanks to bobobird... :D
  3. Hi all, just for you information, suggestion from bobobird is succeed, now i can set the "MY NETWORK CARD CONNECTS TO:", can choose from the option. Just one additional suggestion, you don't need to reflash the phone, you only need to Hard Reset the Phone, then after reset, do as BoboBird said. Press no to SIM Configuration, and then on next screen, don't select any SIM Setting, just exit the screen. This is worked for the setup, but actually, today, my home wifi is broken, so i can't actually test it.. T__T... But as the setup already appear, i guess will be okay for wifi internet browsing... Many thanks to bobobird.... :lol: Be careful, hard reset will ERASE all your data... :D
  4. Many thankss, I'll try it tonight... indeed, after reflash, there's prompt out for the SIM setting... I'll try your suggestion.. hope it work.... Thanks mann.. :lol:
  5. i try using the grandprix flash, my version now is PDA i900DXHH1 PHONE i900XXHG5. Still can't using wifi to browse, the symptom is : on network configuration , the option for : CONNECTS TO : XXXXXXXXXXXX <-- mine is blank comboBox. ========== on Network Adapters Tab : MY NETWORK CAR CONNECTS TO : ======================= XXXXXXXXXXXX <-- also blank combobox. Anyone also have this ? anyone know how to fix this ? Many thanks...
  6. Hi, I already reflash using hk ZHH2. And i can browse now. Seems raymondst1 is right, "but OPERA/IE failing to identify WiFi as the channel for connection. " But i don't know, what the connection between HK Version and My phone. Opera able to recognize the wifi if the version is ZHH1/ZHH2. But fail to recognize the wifi when i'm using DXHI1..DXHI3. Can someone suggest me what to do with this, i'm already trying to hardreset, and reflash using DXHI3, still can't. Seems my phone is only recognizing the HK ZHH1/ZHH2. Do anyone know why is that happen ? FYI, I bought the phone at HK, and want to reflash using singapore version, as HK Version is sucks, can't use samsung keyboard, and unstable.
  7. i see.... hmm... no wonder, after i re-flash for the 1st time.. then i open opera, there's some error message. First time i buy ( HK Imported Version ZHH1 ), it's unstable, but it was able to browse the internet. Then i reflash using Singapore version, and have this problem. So, what can you suggest me to fix this problem ? so desperate ... T__T this RESCO is using for that ? Many thanksss :lol:
  8. Hi kuteguy, thx for the help, right now i'm already reflash for HH1.... still can't... Let me try to reflash to HI2... hope it's fixed.... T__T many thanks
  9. Hm.. i found some strange thing : I installed WIFI COmpanion, i used the tools : 1. WIFI Ping : to www.yahoo.com, and it can succesfully ping the www.yahoo.com, without timeout, 100% succed 2. WIFI Trace : to www.yahoo.com, and also no timeout, succesfully tracing. But when i go to opera, and write www.yahoo.com it showed : ============ ERROR! Network Problem You tried to access the address http://www.yahoo.com, which is currently unavailable. Please make sure that the web address (URL) is correctly spelled and punctuaed, then try reloading the page. *make sure your internet connection is active and checked whether other applicaitons that rely on the same connection are working. ============ did i miss something ? opera setting is already "automatically detect settings"
  10. *I'm not sure 'bout this, but on my setting, I can't choose the setting, because the option is blank, it's just a blank option, so can't choose anything from "My Network card connects to" , is it the problem ? i didn't change anything, as i just re-flash with old DXHH1. so all i did is just setting some basic setup for WIFI. *And I also do the other check, to browse to some site, including cnn.com, msn.com, google.com, yahoo.com, all can't browse. *The status of wifi is already connected. not just connecting... but already connected. *Browser connection is also "Automatically detect connection" thanks for the suggestions... T__T..... don't know what to do.......
  11. hi all, i need help, i posted before, it's about wifi internet browsing : http://www.modaco.com/content/i900-omnia-h...et/#entry924010 If anyone have idea how to fix it, please help me... many thankss :lol:
  12. hi, is there any other way beside wifi companion ? i just flash back to official DXHH1, and the problem still not fixed, still can't browse... although it's connected to wifi..
  13. hi kuteguy, what is the wifi companion by socket v2.10.4.0 ?? where can i get it ? many thanksss ;)
  14. Here is my setting : I search my network, and found my wifi, then I go to wifi detail : "Configure Wireless Network" =================== Network Name : MywifiNetworkName Connects To : can't choose anything, empty comboBox. This is a hidden network ( uncheck ) This is a device-to-device (ad-hoc) connection (disable, and uncheck) NEXT---- Authentication : Open Data encryption : WEP The key is automatically provided - Unchecked Network key : xxxxxxxxxxx Key Index : 1 NEXT ----- Use IEEE 902.1x network access control - Unchecked EAP Type : - disabled FINISH ------ Do i need to set the network adapter ? My Network card connects to : blank combobox - SyChip Jaguar WLAN GSPI Card - NE2000 compatible Etherned Driver - AsyncMac NDISWAN Miniport -........
  15. also trying to manually set the IP, also can't work... T__T...... what should i do ?
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