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  1. im using segoe ui. nice! but the menu (pop-ups) are too small. can you change it?
  2. no news on v5 yet? i uninstalled v4 and went back to using v2 instead..
  3. i have a question though. if i downloaded skins from imarche but i wanna install just one of the skins that's in the pack, how do i do it w/o copying everything in my phone? it consumes a lot of space if i keep all but i only just want 1 of the skins. thanks
  4. check this out :D Facebook for your Windows Mobile 6 phone New from Windows Mobile: a Facebook application for your phone! Download the new Facebook application for Windows Mobile and: *Send messages to any of the people in your Friends list. *Take pictures and videos on your phone, then upload them right to Facebook. *Send messages or call people in your Friends list. *Manage your profile and post anytime, anywhere. Keep up with the latest news and posts with Facebook on your phone. Now your status updates can be up-to-the moment accounts of what you’re doing. Photos and videos are about as close to live-action as you can get. Show your friends what you’re up to, while you’re out and about. Connecting and sharing on Facebook just got a lot livelier! download it here: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsmobile/en-...ShareNetworking
  5. im using spb3 and so far satisfied with it. i just installed omnia skin from imarche this morning. its nice. :D
  6. can i make a request too? can you make the battery status appear on the today screen only, and the clock on the taskbar when in other programs? also, the icon when a new message comes in isn't too noticeable. :D
  7. ^ oops sorry, didn't notice! :excl: downloading now.. thanks grigoris! **EDIT** installed it already & working well w/ my omnia! thanks again :excl:
  8. great!! looking forward to version 4 :excl: thanks a lot!!
  9. your taskbar icons are nice... does it come w/ spb mobile shell 3? where can i download that taskbar? :excl:
  10. ^ hmmm, nice icons! :excl: hope we can have those in version 4 :excl:
  11. ING Change Font B) (to import & change your system fonts) http://www.freewarepocketpc.net/ppc-downlo...hange-font.html
  12. ^ yes! that's what i'm using right now. comes w/ a nice black theme also! B)
  13. try this-- http://www.modaco.com/content/i9x0-omnia-h...skbar-makeover/
  14. i updated mine to DZIA5.. i like the battery life now :( it improved already coz in my old ROM (before the updated), i hated it coz it drains so fast...
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