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  1. can you link to the ebay seller you bought your case from? i'm thinking of buying a replacement case as well. i don't see a lot of ebay sellers selling this stuff. i hope we can find one that works or at least get it to work after some proper adjustments.
  2. Hi a1m80t! Keep us posted on what happens. Thanks! Does it come with the tools needed to open/replace the covers? I want to change my casing also (accidentally dropped it and now has a bad scratch on the housing, not on screen) ;) Although I want to also change my digitizer in the process to see if its really better. :) So this will be a good buy for me as well. I got my omnia when it first came out August last year (first ones to have it!) so I'm assuming I don't have the new digitizer.
  3. hutame! it is working! :D questions/issues: 1) is there a way to make the scrolling slower? when i click on the edges of screen, i can scroll up, down, left or right on map while playing, but it's too fast. :) 2) the buttons (move, attack, stop, gather) are a bit off than the icons? can we fix this? it's hard to click on the build button because it's almost off the screen. thank you thank you very much! ;)
  4. thank you hutame! :D haven't tried, still downloading... but very excited ;) does the sound work for the link you gave?
  5. wondering on this too... the greatest will be if touchwiz 2.0 can be ported and then cooked into omnia 1 rom. i think it will be possible in the future but i hope the hardware in our omnia is capable if running it. even if it's not that smooth, as long as it's not super laggy. the biggest problem is omnia doesn't have dedicated graphics chip... ;)
  6. Can you explain a bit more on your question? I might be able to help. :D Do you want to be able to see more lines when typing your messages? Are you using the threaded style view?
  7. I think the GDI graphics can be set in registry. Try in HKCU\Software\A_C\S2U2 DisplayMode to 2 CallerID seems ok for me. I think better than 2.02 and 2.03, haven't experience problems on this so far. I have a different issue, can anyone confirm if this happens on their device? PLEASE? When a program in the exception list is running (e.g. wmplayer, doesn't matter whether foreground or background) I have to turn on my device twice (sometimes more) before it wakes up properly. The first wake up immediately shuts the screen off after appearing for a very short millisecond. The second wake up is then normal. Anyone else have this?
  8. I'm using an older version but it should be the same. To enable background playback, I have these settings enabled... Blank Screen Only Don't Suspend Power Hope this helps! B)
  9. are you sure you have it turned on in settings -> sounds & notifications notifications phone: missed call flash light for # minutes messaging: new text message
  10. thanks a lot speleomaniac! thank you for all the work you've been putting on here! love your work! hopefully you can port teeter successfully or create your own game... ;) you're the man! thanks again! :wacko:
  11. wow wow wow! i've been looking for this one... i hope we can get the ones for the main menu also! please anyone who have this in their rom, please share! ;)
  12. I would like this one too! Anybody currently have a fix/hack or workaround for this? I accidentally press things on my omnia inside my pocket when someone sends me a message. I hate locking the keypad and i only use the power switch up top to wake up / put it into sleep...
  13. wow! i just read this! this would be great! anyone confirmed how well this new version worked for them?
  14. This is great! Anyone know how to save the settings so we don't have to load them each time we start the camera? ;)
  15. if you can manage to get to the settings and change the orientation (left handed or right handed) to be on the opposite side of the screen, then the taps will land on the right place. i was able to do it. although i have not manage configure the buttons to fire and jump correctly. i'll try again later.
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