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  1. Borce Georgiev

    Win a HTC One X

    Too bad, it's UK only :(
  2. Borce Georgiev

    hw drivers for streak

    Just need to find wifi chip model
  3. Borce Georgiev

    Dell Streak WiFi chip

    It must be the same crappy bcm chip, found in nexus one. If it's same, custom kernel will enable wireless N support and maybe FM radio. But if it's not, than Dell Streak really sucks :( ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tinhte.vn is down, I can't ask them for chip model numbers. Maybe iFixit is our next hope
  4. Borce Georgiev

    Dell Streak WiFi chip

    Nope, old useless stuff :(
  5. Can somebody post here picture of streaks WiFi chip ? Or chip model numbers etc ? I can't find proper screwdriver to open mine streak :(
  6. Borce Georgiev

    New ROM V. 6267

    Can you explain how you menaged to get the update ? And it's UK(EU) or US model ?
  7. Borce Georgiev

    Garmin Mobile XT on TG01

    Thx for reply
  8. Can somebody confirm work or not, Garmin Mobile XT on TG01. If somebody want to test, [Mod note- Warez offer removed]
  9. Borce Georgiev

    Possible to SIM unlock?

    Hmm, I'll try to find unlock codes for tg01, but it won't be cheap !
  10. Borce Georgiev

    i found a site selling unlocked TG01

    550 euro at www.euronisc.it unlocked i think
  11. Borce Georgiev

    SatNav port

    try with garmin mobile xt ;)
  12. Borce Georgiev

    SatNav port

    Pls give link for this GPS Gate program
  13. Maybe there's real virus :D But one thing, my gps nav device becker 79xx came with virus ;) Kaspersky detected virus in shell.exe Also some ipods were detected with virus and nothing. Sales continued, people were happy, everything was ok. I think this won't affect any sales rates. But still need a lot of development for this phone, custom rom, hspl etc
  14. Borce Georgiev


    Maybe somebody can help here http://www.portegeclub.com/forum/viewforum...b39072e95b1d8f4

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