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  1. It is possible to do a back up with your stock rom , ; therefore , nobody , as far I know , knows how to flash it back to the phone
  2. Hi Teacher ........ Not enough busy with the french forums , you have to share your huge knowledge in Shakespeare ' s language You are the ONE Regards , Philippe
  3. but Shokka9 has reuploaded the kitchen ( look at the first post )
  4. for the first , if the background is grey during calibration , it means that your porting is defective ; I advice you to check first if all the .rgu in the SYS folder , and in the xip folder are HIDDEN , READONLY andARCHIVE ticked for the two , you can add a registry line into your CSC folder .reg file for your third question , you have to find all the occurences in the .rgu , provxml , initflash.dat , in OEM , XIP , and SYS folders for My Storage and replace them by what the name you want
  5. you have to change the values in the .rgu files AND in the initflash.txt files the address in the initflash.txt file is the one where the file is placed during BuildRom process ; if this address is wrong , an error shall occur when the .rgu file will try to execute this file If you ' re using Ervius' s Package Creator or Stzupy ' s cab2pkg application in a non WWE Rom , you change to correct many addresses in the initflash.txt files , especially the windows shortcuts ( Windows/Startup , Windows/ Start Menu / Programs , etc ) to suit to your Rom language
  6. you can extract all files from a cooked rom ( by dumping imgfs.bin ) , but you cannot get them into OEM and SYS folder , neither the .rgu.files
  7. Sorry , it is not the archive itself which is corrupted but the pda.bin : after extracting files from the archive using your soft , I tried to get out the files by drag and drop the pda.bin onto ExtractRom_bin.cmd It gave me an error with ImgToDump.exe , with three different clean kitchens , although meanwhile I build several roms a day , without any errors , with these clean kitchens Anyway , would you mind uploading Samsung Keyboard package , including .040c files ? Regards
  8. First , thanks for sharing , but I' m a bit disappointed , because the archive is corrupted ( I tried three times , with two different browsers , and attempted to extract with Winrar twice , and once with 7zip : ALWAYS CORRUPTED ) In saw in your clip that you have a black Samsung Keyboard skin with qwerty keyboard : I' m french , and I would love this black skin for the azerty version to cook in my roms : could you check this point for me ? Would you matter reuploading a bugfree archive Regards , Philippe
  9. New version 0.7.0 for CAnalogClock by RPereira HERE
  10. this cannot work but you can use Sashimi for automated install after flash
  11. It lays somewhere in the OEM Apps .rgu [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\LargeDisplay] "UseLargeDisplay"=dword:00000000 "UseZoomIcon"=dword:0
  12. Shokka has released dozens of WM 6.1 Roms with build 20270 or 20757 or 20958 since december some with MD2 , some lights So , once more , searching before posting is always better just take a look HERE( this search took me about five seconds )
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