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  1. Well, it's probably my phone then... While the battery is not the best, it'll last me through the day on above average usage and about 4 hour screen time... About as much my old Desire... If the new update can improve on that, I'd be even more pleased...
  2. I fail to see how you can judge the phone objectively when you clearly have a faulty unit... As others have said, have it replaced with the quickness...
  3. Well then, if it is, help me out... I've used the search function, haven't found anything...
  4. Yo Qbus, I have your latest M2D rom, everything works except for the Video Camera... I can't play my recordings, it's says "unable to read this file..." I also tried playing the recordings in Core Player, but it also gives me an error there (Unknown file format!) You got any fixes, workarounds, advice or whatever to fix this problem...??? Thanks in advance...
  5. Question... Did you remove the dailer lock in your mod??? If you could, it would be great!!! Thanks in Advance...
  6. Agreed!!! So far so good... It would be awesome if you could remove the screen lock of the dailing screen... Thanks in advance...
  7. Ok... So I tried it out, but I don't really like it... (because of the lock on the call screen) But when i try to put the original SECDailer.dll back in the Windows folder, I can't seem to overwrite it... Anyone know how to get it done...???
  8. Never mind, I used Total Commander and it worked...
  9. Thanks... But does anyone know how to overwrite files in the Windows folder...??? I never seem to get files overwritten, it always gives me this error; SECDailer.dll cannot be placed on the device. You do not have permission to create this item. Anybody got any advice how to deal with this...???
  10. Well the thing is.... I've tried flashing it bunch of times, 17 times to be honest... i've tried reinstalling drivers, not using vmware, different firmware, official firmware... nothing works... Anyone got more suggestions I could try...???
  11. Ok.... I've installed Windows XP on my PC, still no luck... Same errors etc... Anyone got any other suggestions...???
  12. I''ll try that when I get the chance... but should it matter??? Cause the first time I flashed it the same way (VMware Windows XP) and it worked...???
  13. Hi all... I'll get right to the point... I've first flashed my omnia with the DXHK3 rom (VMware, Virtual XP system)... No problem at all, worked like a charm... Then I was interested in the Manilla2D theme from Qbus, so I downloaded the rom, installed it... I got to the point where i got the download failure, Port create failed, PHONEUSB detect failed etc etc. I take it ost of you know what the problem is... The phone (radio) part doesn't work anymore, PDA works (i can see the manilla theme, and use most features of the PDA)... I tried using the official DXIA5 rom, same problem... With every update I try, it's gives the same failure... I tried reinstalling Activesync, the Samsung XP drivers, but I not getting through... I tried using Grand Prix, but also to no avail... I'm using VMware on my Vista PC, b/c I don't have XP on it... I tried creating multiple Virtual PC's in VMware, but still no luck... So as you can see, I'm stuck, not knowing what to try next... I've checked this forum, the XDA forum, but I can't find a concrete, for sure answer to my problem... Also, It's a Vodafone branded Omnia, it had the old ARGH5 rom at first, and like I said before, was succesfully flashed to DXHK3... I might not even get to send it to a Samsung Service Center, as I probably voided my warranty with the first DXHK3 flash I did... Please, if anyone could help, I'll be very gratefull to you... Please help a fellow Omnia user get his Omnia back!!! Thanks in advance...
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